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A WOMAN has been blasted online after she dressed up as a sexy schoolgirl for Halloween.

Vanessa Knight, who is from Australia, works in a strip club, and went to work dressed in a revealing schoolgirl outfit.

The brunette took to social media to show off her Halloween costume – but didn’t get the response she had expected.

Instead of users complimenting her look, many were disgusted and blasted the look as hugely inappropriate.

Not only this, but many described Vanessa as ‘sick’ for wearing such an outfit and said it was totally ‘wrong’. 

Posting online in a clip shared just one day ago, Vanessa said: “The club just opened. It's Halloween weekend so I'm at the strip club tonight and I wanna dress up.

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“I posted on my Instagram what I should go for – I had a funny outfit, a schoolgirl outfit and then a maid outfit.

“Most of you guys voted schoolgirl outfit, so that’s what I'm gonna wear tonight.

“I just did my make-up and then obviously I just put my hair in a pigtails [plaits], but yeah, I'm so excited, so I'll show you after I get dressed.

“Just took my hair out of the plait, this is what it looks like down. I kinda like it, but I'm gonna put it up and then tell me which one looks better.”

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Seconds later, we saw Vanessa with her hair in pigtails, as she added: “I think this is cuter. Oh, so cute.”

We then saw Vanessa in her schoolgirl outfit – a matching co-ord with a low-cut, cropped white shirt with red tartan detail, and a red tartan mini skirt, which she bought from Shein.

Vanessa also showed off her huge heels and then gave her followers a look inside her workplace.

Moments later, after her shift, she continued: “I'm home from work now. I'm just sorting through all my money.

“Tips were hella crazy. I have $400 [£210] already laid out in front of me and then I do have this bundle here, that's another $500 [£260] and I still have to count more.

“I literally have $1,000 [£525] in $5 notes.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @vanessa_knighttt, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed 226,300 views.

But people weren’t shocked at Vanessa’s cash – they were instead appalled at her outfit.

One person said: “You are seriously so sick.” 

Another added: “Profiting off of men’s fantasies about school girls is not cute.” 

A third commented: “Omg wow I never thought she'd go so low as this. Well I'm shocked.”

Whilst someone else shared: “This is awful.”

Another chimed in: “These outfits are WRONG.”

In a follow-up clip, Vanessa responded to the trolls and attempted to justify her outfit.

She explained: “I wanna acknowledge a lot of the comments that I got. I did dress like a schoolgirl for Halloween and I do work at the strip club. 

“I have no shame in saying that I blocked a lot of people because there's a way to say stuff and a lot of people went too far and left really unnecessary hate. 

“But basically, the industry has been around a lot longer than me and it's going to be around a lot longer than me. 

“I can't help how people are and just to start with me dressing as a schoolgirl – women have been sexualized all our lives. I've already been through it.

“There's nothing wrong with me profiting off of the trauma and already being sexualized at a younger age. There's nothing wrong with that.

“People have fetishes, male and female, not just men.

“There's nothing wrong with having a fetish and stuff and all of us girls, we do a very important job and it's a good thing what we do. 

“I know a lot of people won't agree with that, but we really do do a good thing.

“We take people off the street that want a fantasy fulfilled and we give them an environment where it's safe to do that. 

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