You have a high IQ if you can find the hidden black and white cat in the witch’s hat in under 30 seconds | The Sun

ONLY those with a high IQ can solve this tricky Halloween brainteaser in under 30 seconds.

Puzzles and brainteasers test your brain and eyes to look at the finer details.

Particularly tricky illusions also test if you have the patience and creativity to solve puzzles.

Can you spot the cat in the witch's hat in this image created by gaming experts at Slingo?

The black and white image filled with hundreds of feline friends makes this puzzle extremely tricky.

The starkness of the two differing colors confuses your eyes and makes it difficult not to focus on just one color.

Along with this are the many pairs of eyes looking straight back at you which again confuses your eyes from finding the correct cat.

If you are struggling and need a clue, the cat you are looking for is white with a black pointed hat.

A number of the cats are in patterns or wearing a number of different hats, with the black cats constantly pulling focus away from the white ones.

Those who need another clue should cast their eyes on the bottom few rows of cats.

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Here you will see just two hats, one is a top hat, and the other a pointy witch's hat.

The cat you are looking for can be found in the second row from the bottom, nearly in the middle.

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Other brainteasers and illusions can reveal more about your personality.

This optical illusion can reveal if you are truly independent based on what you see first in the picture.

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