Americans call penne pasta something totally different – and Brits are baffled

You often think that just because you call something by a certain name, everyone else does too.

However, it was apparent just how wrong that statement was this week after an online post went viral.

One food lover took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to post about what Americans call penne pasta.

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And he admitted it made him 'feel sick', as others agreed it was odd.

What was the name that got him so offended I hear you ask?

Noodles. Yes that's right, people in the US apparently call penne pasta noodles.

The original poster shared a photo shared by an American that featured a guy with penne pasta on his lap.

Written over it were the words: "He doesn't even like noodles."

The original man captioned his post "Americans call penne pasta noodles? I feel like I'm gonna be sick."

Many agreed with him, as one person replied: "They call everything noodles and technically they are but yeah it’s odd to me as an Italian."

While another added: "The other day I heard one call lasagna sheets ‘noodles’ and had to stay off my phone for a while."

"It’s one of my biggest pet peeves," chimed in a third.

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While a fourth added: "It drives my bonkers."

Some people from the US didn't see what his problem was though, with one person replied: "With sauce too. Love noodz and gravy."

Another asked: "What else we gone call them? Since you got your degree."

Despite this, others argued a lot of people from America don't even call them noodles.

"One woman saying it doesn’t mean every American babes," wrote one.

While another said: "Uhh no. Unless it’s a toddler, people call it penne."

Whatever way, the post definitely got a reaction – racking up more than 202,000 views.

Who know pasta could be so controversial, eh?

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