Cinema praised for offering intervals during THIS new movie

Vue Cinemas praised by film fans for offering toilet breaks during Killers of the Flower Moon which is more than 3 hours long

  • Vue has scheduled a 15 minute breaks during some viewings of the new Martin Scorsese film 
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Martin Scorsese’s long-anticipated new release, Killers of the Flower Moon, has delighted fans after opening in UK cinemas last weekend – but with a running time of three hours and 26 minutes, the less hardened film buffs among us might be wondering how to get through it without needing a toilet break.

Thankfully, one cinema chain has given its customers a welcome reprieve by scheduling intervals in some screenings of the film. 

Vue Cinemas, which has 91 sites across the UK, is offering some screenings of the film which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro, with a 15-minute break included halfway through.

During the break, movie fans can stock up on sweets or take a toilet break without missing a beat in the gripping movie.

Following Vue’s announcement, film fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to praise the ‘smart move’. 

With the release of Martin Scorsese’s new crime drama – Killers of the Moon – the cinema chain has given moviegoers the option to attend a viewing with an interval

The plot if Scorsese’s new crime thriller follows a string of brutal murders occurring among the oil-rich Osage tribe during the 1920s in Oklahoma.

The star-studded cast includes names such as Brendan Fraser, Jesse Plemons and John Lithgow.

But taking centre stage in the drama is Ernest Burkhart – played by Leonardo DiCaprio – who is the nephew of power crazy rancher William Hale – portrayed by Robert DeNiro.

People have praised the cinema chain for giving customers the option to attend a screening with a 15-minute interval, however not absolutely everybody is pleased

If you choose to book a screening which includes the interval, Vue Cinemas advises you to ‘factor a further 15-20 minutes’ into the running time because of the break.

After the cinema chain announced the offer, fans took to X calling on cinemas to give customers this option for all longer films.

One person wrote: ‘Bring [intervals] back for 3+ hours films. I’m sure loads of people would go and see films they usually wait to watch at home.’

However, not everyone was pleased with the decision – as another film buff said they were concerned the second half of the film would begin ‘with zero fanfare or warning’, causing viewers to miss it. 

They wrote: ‘The next five to ten minutes is hampered by people coming in with new nachos and popcorn and slushies trying to find their seats.’

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