‘I’m 6ft 3in and much taller than lover – trolls stare but we love standing out’

A 6ft 3in woman opened up about the relationship with her 5ft 8in boyfriend.

Lizzy Jade Groombridge loves to challenge "outdated" views on height difference with partner James Hitchens, 30.

The 29-year-old social media worker said strangers often stare when they're out in Cornwall.

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But the couple aren't fazed by what people say about them.

She said: "James sees past the height difference. He's quite a masculine guy.

"The positives of sharing our difference outweigh the negatives."

Lizzy receives many comments about her height on social media.

She explained: "The 'giantess' label has been perceived as a fantasy.

"But for me, being a giantess means being different and standing out in a bold but positive way.

"James and I often get stares from other people in the street and many questions about our height difference.

"I like to be authentically myself and encourage women to wear heels and own themselves.

"I don't try to build up a fake image as my entire personality online.

"When I was younger, I always thought I'd be with someone taller.

"My insecurities told me I couldn't be with someone shorter.

"However, as I learned to love my height, I realised it's society's issue."

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Lizzy is an online fantasy for many, but her love life is much more down to Earth, as she revealed previously.

"People made the odd negative comment about my height making him look like he gets dominated," she said.

"It has become a trend on social media for men to fantasise about and sexualise taller women."

Strangers make all kinds of assumptions about her dating life, but it's not going to bring her down.

She concluded: "The positives of sharing our difference still outweigh the negatives.

"I was always the tallest person in my school years, including all the boys in my classes.

"At around 15, I had already hit 6ft tall, which always made me feel different and not as feminine as the other girls."

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