Little girl's emotional reaction to watching Disney's Lilo & Stitch

Adorable moment little girl bursts into tears while watching Disney classic Lilo and Stitch for first time

  • Lyla, 3, from the US, emotionally reacts to Disney film in a video shared to TikTok
  • Touched viewers praise Lyla’s ’empathy’ – but warn of possibly ‘traumatic’ Bambi

A mum has captured the adorable moment her toddler bursts into tears as she watches a Disney classic for the first time.

Lyla, 3, breaks down as she shouts ‘he’s a little guy!’ while watching family favourite, Lilo and Sitch. 

Her mum Leticia, known as @leticiaescobedo on TikTok, regularly posts Lyla’s charming reactions to various Disney films, including The Lion King, Hercules and Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast.

Viewers loved Lyla’s reaction and praised her empathy for the characters, calling her ‘so sweet’, but warned ‘don’t let her watch Bambi’.

Three-year-old Lyla, from the US, was sent on an adorably emotional rollercoaster while watching Disney’s Lilo & Stitch for the first time recently

Lilo and Stitch focuses on the adventures of a Hawaiian orphan named Lilo, who finds and adopts an extraterrestrial creature, and affectionately names him Stitch (Photo: Shutterstock)

Lilo and Stitch focuses on the adventures of a Hawaiian orphan named Lilo, who finds and adopts an artificial extraterrestrial creature, and affectionately names him Stitch.

The footage of Lyla’s response to watching Lilo & Stitch, has amassed over 21M likes from touched viewers who warned of other Disney movies that may ‘traumatise’ her as they did an ‘entire generation’ of 90s children.

Sitting at her kitchen table, Lyla tearfully watches on as it appears Stitch was drowning in the sea, she exclaims: ‘What’s happening to Stitch? He’s a little guy. 

‘What didn’t Stitch stay with him?’

She then becomes more hysterical after Stitch becomes friends with a duck, as she sobbed: ‘There’s a duck.’

As the developing plot pulls her in, Lyla migrates to her sofa to pay closer attention to the film, and appears to be calm until Stitch magically morphs an extra set of arms. 

She turned and asked her mother Leticia while weeping: ‘Why did he go to four arms now?’ 

Shortly after, unable to comprehend why the ‘bad men’ are attempting to take Stitch away from earth, Lyla screamed: ‘Why?! I don’t like the bad guys.’ 

Lyla could be seen watching parts of the Disney noughties classic in her home – and almost immediately began to cry as she empathised with the main characters 

Leticia comforted her daughter throughout the film and encouraged her to continue watching to witness Stitch’s happy ending.

However, she admitted it was difficult to refrain from laughing during some of Lyla’s dramatic reactions. 

In the caption below the video, she wrote: ”The emotional turmoil of watching Lilo and Stitch for the first time lol.

‘I felt so bad for her but also was really trying not to laugh. At least we know she’s not a sociopath lol.” 

Over 61,000 comments poured in from viewers who commended the 3-year-old’s empathetic nature, but some joked that Lyla may not be able to handle some of Disney’s more ‘traumatic’ films such as Bambi and The Fox and the Hound.

One person wrote, ‘She’s an empath,’ while another agreed, commenting, ‘Empathy is a super power and she has TONS!!! That’s amazing! So sweet!’

A fellow viewer said: ‘Lilo and Stich is EMOTIONAL. My 2 year old niece and I watched it and we were both crying.’

Over 61K comments poured in from viewers who praised the 3-year-old’s empathetic nature, but some joked that Lyla may not be able to handle some of Disney’s more ‘traumatic’ films

Meanwhile, one individual jokingly warned, ‘Don’t let her watch Lion King or Bambi or Old Yeller,’ while another wrote, ‘Don’t show her the Fox and the Hound for a few years… like… till she is in her 20’s at least!!’ 

On comic book, film and television site CBR (Comic Book Resources), Lilo & Stitch was ranked number 19 of Disney’s ’20 Saddest Movies,’ with Toy Story 3 and UP taking the top spots.

This comes after a former Disney screenwriter behind the Bambi remake said the scene in which famous deer’s mother dies should be reworked as parents are more ‘sensitive.’

Film writer and director Lindsey Anderson Beer had been working on a live-action version of the much loved Bambi film to bring it to a modern audience.

Part of the process of modernising the classic 1942 film was to remove the death scene of the titular characters mother, Beer said.

Speaking to Collider in September, Anderson Beer said this was due to parents now being more ‘sensitive’ than previous generations.

20 saddest Disney films, ranked by (CBR) Comic Book Resources  

20. Frozen

19. Lilo & Stitch

18. Finding Nemo

17. Brother Bear

16. Pocohontas

15. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

14. The Good Dinosaur

13. Brave

12. Coco

11. Dumbo

10. Bridge to Terabithia

9. The Lion King

8. The Fox and the Hound

7. Luca

6. Inside Out

5. Encanto

4. Big Hero 6

3. Bambi

2. Toy Story 3

1. UP 

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