OnlyFans Tried To Convince Britney Spears To Sign-Up (& She Considered It)

Britney Spears has garnered a reputation for herself for posting provocative content online, especially in light of her divorce, during which she’s been seen partying in Cabo and dancing with shirtless men on her Instagram account.

Apparently, Britney’s risqué actions have caught the attention of OnlyFans, who approached the singer to see if she’d be willing to make exclusive content for its platform.

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According to a new TMZ report, insiders with connections to Britney have informed the publication that OnlyFans approached Britney’s team approximately six months ago to initiate initial talks about her potential involvement with their platform, though nothing materialized.

TMZ adds that Britney apparently has no serious plans to create an OnlyFans account now, despite being aware of the desire of many fans to see her share explicit content on the platform.

She’s reportedly hesitant due to OnlyFans’ association with adult content and wishes to avoid any connection to the platform’s controversies.

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Creating an OnlyFans account may also not reflect well on Britney during her ongoing divorce. Though Sam has denied the allegations, he’s been accused of wanting to challenge their prenup, as he was only entitled to $1 million after 2 years of marriage, whereas he filed for divorce within 14 months of their 2022 union.

While Sam and Britney haven’t given a formal reason for their split – and the pop star has actually expressed shock at her estranged husband’s decision – there have been rumors that Britney cheated on Sam with a staff member.

However, one report claims that the infidelity narrative has been pushed by Sam’s team in an effort to defame Britney, so he can get a bigger divorce settlement from her.

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“Britney says the accusations are garbage,” a source told InTouch. “And it wouldn’t surprise her if Sam came up with the rumor himself, then leaked it through one of his media buddies so he’d have grounds to negotiate a larger settlement or get more out of the prenup.”

TMZ had previously reported that insiders suggest Sam holds the belief that Britney had asked a staff member to record a video of her while she was undressed. Additionally, it’s alleged that she had a romantic relationship with at least one male employee.

One source even disclosed to the publication that there is a video in existence depicting Britney and the staff member in a situation considered “compromising.”

Britney and Sam’s divorce remains ongoing.

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