People with ‘eagle eyes’ can spot hidden food within 6 secs in optical illusion

Optical illusions are made to trick your visual system.

The mind-boggling brainteasers can test intelligence and even your patience from time-to-time.

Now the latest puzzle will leave you scratching your head for a few seconds, or minutes.

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In the black and white image, it shows a cartoon of a bear, owl and cat enjoying a nice day of fishing.

Now your task is to find the hidden food lurking in the image.

People must find the burger within six seconds. So can you do it?

Optical illusions are presented in the form of images to trick the visual system.

Scientists often use them to understand how the brain processes this kind of visual information.

Regular exercise of illusions have been linked with increased alertness, better concentration and reduced stress levels.

Now the cartoon image has the three animals enjoying a day out with a burger hiding somewhere.

Scroll down for the answer…

If you managed to complete it within the rapid time limit, then it could mean you've got sharp eyes.

These kind of optical illusions are also a good way to test your observation skills.

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Are you looking for more optical illusions?

Recently there was a hidden animal in the optical illusion โ€“ but only some people could spot it.

On another occasion, dirty-minded people were left giggling at an optical illusion involving a couple.

Posting on the Confusing Perspective account, it shows a smitten couple holding hands at the park.

It looks like everyone's tuning into a show as there's people sitting on blankets and chairs gazing in one direction.

But for those with a dirty-mind, before anything else they spotted something rather naughty.

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