Prince George is training for school triathlon reveals MBE recipient

Prince George is training for a triathlon at school and is putting ‘talcum powder in his shoes’ in preparation

  • Prince William told Non Stanford in an MBE ceremony at Windsor Castle
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He’s only ten, but Prince George seems to be following in his sporty parents footsteps.

The future king is said to be training for a triathlon and has reportedly been putting talcum powder in his shoes when taking part in the sport – made up of cycling, running and swimming at his school.

Prince William, 41, told triathlete, Non Stanford, of his eldest son’s latest passion whilst presenting her with an MBE on Tuesday.    

Stanford, 34, who bagged a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games, was being honoured for her services to triathlon in a ceremony at Windsor Castle.

She told the Mirror : ‘He [William] was telling me how George has been doing triathlon at school.

Prince George has a developed an interest in triathlon at school, says MBE recipient Non Stanford

Non Stanford (pictured left donning a blue dress) also said she and the future king had a ‘very nice’ chat about the future of triathlon whilst he was presenting her with an MBE 

‘There is also a gentleman who now works for William, has done a bit of triathlon and has been giving George advice about putting talcum powder in his shoes,’ she added.

‘George has been sharing his talc with his classmates and they are all excited about these tips.’

Talcum powder is often utilised by triathletes on their bikes and in their running, as it prevents rubbing and lowers the risk of slipping.

It also makes it easier for the athletes to glide their shoes on quicker during gruelling competitions.

The Prince of Wales and the retired triathlete also had a ‘very nice’ chat about the future of the sport and upcoming talent, the MBE recipient said.

The young royal’s new interest comes shortly after the Princess of Wales revealed she was helping Prince George revise for his upcoming maths exams.

Kate, 41, spoke to pupils preparing for their A-levels exams at the Fitzalan High School in Cardiff, as part of a visit to Wales to mark the start of Black History Month.

George, who is in Year 6 at the Lambrook School in Berkshire, is preparing to take his Key Stage 2 SATs this year. 

In a MBE ceremony at Windsor Castle, Prince William told the medal-winning triathlete that his eldest son was told to put talc in his shoes – and has also been sharing the sporty tip with peers 

George has also been revising for his upcoming Key Stage 2 SAT exams, says Princess Kate, who has opted not to travel to the Earthshot awards in Singapore because she wants to support the young prince with his upcoming exams

‘George is just at the beginning of being tested. He says: “Mummy, I keep getting tested all the time,”‘ she said.

After she discussed George’s early experience with exams, she remarked: ‘But when it gets to A-levels you feel like you’re on it.’

As George is growing up, education is seemingly at the forefront for the family’s priorities.

The Princess of Wales will not be joining William for the Earthshot Prize in Singapore, because she is helping the young prince prepare for exams.

Instead of accompanying her husband later this month, Kate will be staying behind at Windsor, with her eldest son George and his siblings Princess Charlotte, eight, and Prince Louis, five.

The Daily Mail has confirmed that the royal won’t be attending the glitzy event. It is understood ‘Prince George has exams that week and she wants to be at home to support him.’

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have joined the co-educational private school near Ascot in Berkshire, after the Wales’ moved to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor’s Home Park.

William and Kate set their hearts on the outdoorsy preparatory school with its 52 acres of grounds for their youngsters where fees will cost them in excess of £50,000 a year and pupils are given ‘feathers to fly’ and a ‘delicious sense of freedom’.

The school offers both weekly boarding and flexi boarding – where they can opt for a night’s stay as and when they choose, but George and Charlotte are day pupils for the time being.

Prince William and Princess Kate have also reportedly been spotted looking at Eton with Prince George, perhaps suggesting the future king will follow in his father’s footsteps in three years time.

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