Restaurant worker hits out at guest after they told them to smile more

Waitress hits out at diner who left no tip… but some advice to ‘smile more’

  • A server received a different kind of tip when a customer told them to ‘smile’
  • The infuriated worker took to Reddit to express her frustration after the shift
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Navigating the world of hospitality with an unhappy resting face can be tough, as one restaurant worker found out when a customer told them to ‘smile’.

During a busy Labor Day shift, the US-based worker collected a bill from the table and found the customer had offered some unwarranted advice. 

Ignoring the suggested tip, of 15 to 20 per cent, the customer left their own, telling the worker to ‘smile more.’ 

Reacting as you might expect, the infuriated employee took to Reddit to express her frustration. 

Under the subreddit ServerLife, the worker said: ‘Coworker and I got slammed last night (Labor Day in US) and this is what some jerkhole left’ 

A server was left seething after a customer offered an unwarranted tip telling her to ‘smile more’, the employee shared her frustration on the subreddit ServerLife

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She added: ‘Like I’m sorry you decided to come in to a restaurant cause you don’t want to cook on your day off and it was slammed cause everyone else had the same plan. 

‘You poor thing not getting a smile because we’re thinking about serving you(on a holiday with no holiday pay!!!) rather than how much we’re smiling.’

The customer took off, paying just the $37 he owed, and left the restaurant workers seething. 

A host of hospitality workers took to the comment section of the popular post to express their own frustration.

One worker, all too familiar with the phrase ‘smile more’ said: ‘Bar is wrapped, garbages are full, dishes need to be run through, and two new four tops just walked through the door and picked a dirty table over the clean one next to it.

‘This isn’t an angry face, it’s a busy face.’

To which the worker replied: ‘Exactly this. I’m not mad, or upset, just a little overwhelmed but still trying to do what needs to be done. I love smiling, but man people take it for granted and are jerks about it.’

Hundreds of Reddit users flocked to the comments to support the worker, but some claimed that servers should smile ‘if you want tips’

One confused Reddit user asked: ‘Do people really comment on smiling? Seems a bit creepy in my opinion if they do, or maybe just really intrusive.’

Others complained about the ‘Karen’s’ they had encountered while working a service job. 

One user commented:  ‘Had a Karen leave a review that said “you should trade your staff for someone else if they can’t smile more”. Oh yeah we’ll jump right on that because so many applicants are rolling through the doors every day.’

Some, however, disagreed with the post, one person wrote: ‘If you want tips, and you all here seem to claim you do, then you get paid to do whatever it is that makes the customer happy enough with your work to get the tip you want.’

The Reddit post comes after an etiquette expert revealed his dos and don’ts for tipping, according to Thomas P.Farley, tipping is not an ‘obligation’ and customers can choose to ignore the suggested tips. 

While Thomas said that customers should reward good service, they also shouldn’t feel pressured to click on pre-established tipping options.  

He explained: ‘A lot of people are made to feel guilty by these screens which often makes them tip – if this is a problem, then just pay cash – most places still have an old-fashioned tip jar.’ 

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