Sainsbury's shoppers do double take after spotting VERY raunchy items

Sainsbury’s shoppers left doing a double take after spotting VERY raunchy items on sale

  • Shopper took to Reddit to share snap of the roys, including a suction stimulator 
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You might expect to find sex toys at the back of an Ann Summers but perhaps a  vibrator is not the first thing that springs to mind when you’re browsing the  supermarket shelves.

One Sainsbury’s shopper admitted they ‘had to do a double take’ when they saw numerous sex toys on the shelf at their local branch, including a ‘pleasure cup’ and a ‘suction stimulator’. 

Taking to the Casual UK thread on Reddit to share the discovery, the snap sparked a lot of discussion with some surprised that the supermarket would sell such raunchy items.

But some praised the store for its progressiveness, stressing that the open selling of sex toys should be normalised. 

And others admitted they’d seen similar items on display in another popular supermarket – Tesco.

A general view outside an Sainsbury’s store on December 13, 2023 in Warrington (stock image)

One user joked: ‘Waiting for the Sainsburys Basic, Organic and Taste the Difference variants all priced 39p apart from each other’.

One said: ‘I’ve seen some in a tiny tesco in central London near a train station (or in it?), presumably for when you leave work and need to destress’.

While another chimed in: ‘That’s Mum’s Christmas present sorted’.

Another shared their experience of a purchase at Tesco, saying: ‘Away with my long distance partner on a break in the country and forgot the lube, picked up some from Tesco in the local small town. 

‘A week later we both had thrush… The lube was TWO YEARS past its BBE. I wrote them a pleasant but detailed complaint and got £100 gift voucher and a huge bunch of flowers’. 

Others were surprised it was such a big deal, as one noted: ‘Whereas in some places they sell them in vending machines on the street. 

Pictures of some of the sex toys on offer at the popular British supermarket, including a ‘pleasure cup’ and a ‘suction stimulator’.

Some Reddit users poked fun at Sainsbury’s for offering sex toys, but many were pleased the retailer was stopping the stigma

‘We’re just a nation of weirdly shy perverts, and it shows’. 

This was echoed by other Redditors who said: ‘Yeah, almost like it’s a normal thing that shouldn’t be stigmatised’, and another: ‘Good. Normalise it’.

This comes after Goop, the wellness brand founded by Gwenyth Paltrow, ventured into the sex toy business earlier this month.

The brand, which has made headlines for promoting misleading health claims and ‘useless’ products with high price tag, sells a collection of ‘sexual wellness’ products – such as vibrators, lubricants, supplements and other toys that cost up to $250.

And the website’s blog, which often features no holds barred articles about sexual health and pleasure, has now begun offering advisory information on intimate toys.

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