Shoppers say this affordable £11 cleanser has reduced their skin texture dramatically

If you suffer with dry or sensitive skin, the chances are you’re heard of CeraVe.

The skincare brand has become something of a cult-favourite thanks to its affordable range that includes cleansers and moisturisers designed to help restore your skin barrier whilst re-hydrating and repairing dry, damaged and sensitive skin.

Although it was created with those skin complaints in mind, the range is suitable for all skin types, and shoppers have been praising one of its cleansers in particular for helping with textured skin.

The CeraVe Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser, £11.20 here, is currently reduced from £14 over on Boots’ website, and gently cleanses your skin whilst nourishing it, leaving you with a softer, more hydrated complexion.

Created for normal to very dry skin, the cleanser is suitable for sensitive and atopic-prone skin, with a unique foaming oil formula that makes sure your face is thoroughly cleansed without damaging your skin barrier.

The CeraVe Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser, £11.20 here (was £14), contains three essential ceramides, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, squalene and triglyceride which work together to provide nourishment and moisture to your skin, whilst also repairing skin barriers that might have been damaged by overuse of things like acids and exfoliants, or through sun damage.

As well as giving you a hefty boost of hydration, plenty of shoppers have found the cleanser worked wonders on their skin texture too, with one review saying: “As I entered menopause my skin went very dry and extremely sensitive, all of the products I had used for years suddenly stopped working, so I tried this for washing my face and skin, it is very gentle and good for sensitive skin. It didn’t aggravate my already dry skin and used with the moisturiser it has helped me to get my skin back to a more normal feel and look. Recommended.”

Another said: “I use this product as part of a double cleansing routine as my oil cleanser of choice, it has visibly reduced the amount of texture visible on my face and has also helped get rid of acne. It has a slight smell which isn't very strong and certainly does not linger on the skin. It does not have added fragrance (which my sensitive skin appreciates).”

Shoppers have also been praising the bottle for how affordable it is, with the large 236ml contents lasting them months, as one shopper attested to: “Good for dry skin and does the job. The foam does lack a bit so you may need to use a bit more however the amount given is very generous so expect this to last for a very long time (my bottle was completely empty after around 6 months of use)”

The CeraVe Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser, £11.20 here, keeps your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours, making it perfect for those of you who find their usual cleansing routine leaves their skin feeling tight and dry just a few hours later.

It’s not just your face that can benefit from it either; the CeraVe cleanser can also be used on your body to leave it not only feeling squeaky clean but also moisturised and soft.

If you’re trying to repair your skin barrier, follow up your cleansing routine with an intense mosituriser, like the Curél Intensive Moisture Facial Cream for Dry Sensitive Skin, £15.60 here (was £19.50), or Kate Somerville DeliKate Recovery Cream, £69 here, for an extra boost of repairing hydration.

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