Strangers who are embarking on a $65,000 nine-month cruise together

Strangers who are sailing the world on a $105,000 NINE-MONTH cruise that will see them traveling to 60 countries together spark online FRENZY by documenting their ocean adventure

  •  The Ultimate World Cruise is a 274-night trip that will visits  over 60 countries
  • The nine-month long cruise left on December 10, and returns on September 10
  • Creators filming the journey have taken TikTok by a storm  

Nine months at sea on a cruise is a nightmare for some and a dream come true for others.

But for many, watching a group of strangers who have embarked on just such an adventure has become a thrilling new pastime – with content creators on-board the vessel quickly turning into TikTok’s favorite new reality stars by documenting every moment of their nautical adventure. 

The Royal Caribbean Ultimate World Cruise is a 274-night journey that will visit more than 60 countries, with passengers seeing 11 wonders of the world – on a vacation that cost anywhere between $53,000 to more than $105,000.

The ship, called Serenade of the Seas, departed from Miami, Florida on December 10, 2023, and will return on September 10, 2024 – and creators are not holding back with sharing their journey.

Amike Oosthuizen (pictured) excitedly showed off the ‘goodies’ she received upon boarding the ship, including the detailed itinerary, a reusable cup, umbrella and a Royal Caribbean robe

Nine months on a cruise is a nightmare for some and dream for others – and watching content creators on board is TikTok ‘s new favorite reality show (pictured: Serenade of the Seas)

With more than 58 million views on TikTok with hashtags for ‘world cruise’ and upwards of 39 million for ‘ultimate world cruise,’ there’s no shortage of content coming from the ship – and viewers are equally aghast – and intrigued – by what’s to come in the nine months ahead. 

The first leg, the Ultimate Americas Cruise, passengers will travel to islands in the Caribbean to Antarctica. 

They’ll then embark on the Ultimate Asia Pacific Cruise, where they’ll travel to  Australia, Asia, and the Pacific Islands.

This is followed by the Ultimate Middle East and Med part of the cruise, spotlighting Dubai, Egypt, Greece and Croatia, before looping around Europe and across to New York.

The 90,090-ton, 2,100-passenger vessel has a spa pool, library, cinema, slot machines, plenty of decking space, a two-floor dining space, and a shopping arcade.

A number of TikTok videos shared by passengers showed themselves boarding the cruise liner, giving tours of their rooms and what they do day-to-day whilst at sea –  and those left on land are utterly fascinated.

While the passengers board the ship and prepare their sea legs, the rest of the world is eagerly waiting to see what exactly happens when you spend nine months at sea.

In one TikTok, prominent cruise creator Amike Oosthuizen talked through what the guests received as they boarded the ship.

The first leg, the Ultimate Americas Cruise, passengers will travel to islands in the Caribbean to Antarctica

TikTok users have showed off the impressive vessel in clips posted online, which weighs 90,090 tons and can fit 2,100 passengers

Creator Angie Linderman (pictured) explained she was working from the cruise, also estimating about 20 children to be on board, who will also be homeschooled 

In one clip, Angie showed off the massive task of unpacking to live on board the vessel for nine months

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Showing her followers her room, the 26-year-old – who is travelling with her husband – excitedly showed off the ‘goodies’ she received upon boarding, including the detailed itinerary, a reusable cup, umbrella and her favorite: a Royal Caribbean robe. 

Amike, who works in the registration department for an Ivy Solutions company, said all guests were also given a laundry bag – which gets picked up for free weekly.

She added that she and her husband, who is an engineer, will be both working from home on board the ship for the entire nine months.

‘[The cruise costs] about $50,000 to $100,000 plus [depending] on what room you booked,’ she explained in one clip. 

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The TikTok videos were flooded with users curious about the ins and outs of life on a cruise ship

Around the world in nine months! A breakdown of the long-haul cruise journey

There are four legs of the mega-cruise, which lasts for 274 nights, visiting 11 world wonders, and 60-plus countries.

December 10 – February 11: Ultimate Americas Cruise

United States, Peru, the Bahamas, Mexico, Barbados, Aruba, Brazil

February 11 – May 9: Ultimate Asia Pacific Cruise

Argentina, Antarctica, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, LA

May 9 to June 12:  Ultimate Middle East and Med Cruise

Hawaii, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania

June 12 to September 10: Ultimate Europe and Beyond Cruise 

Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, England, Germany, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Norway, the Netherlands, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, Bermuda, United States 

‘We booked a balcony room around $70,000 and then you asked what is included in the price, so business class flights are included in the price, all your food and drinks; literally alcohol, coffee, Starbucks coffee, protein shakes, smoothies – everything you can think of is included.’

Passenger Brooklyn Schwetje gave followers a detailed tour of the ship, showing of impressive amenities like a cinema, conference room, helipad, walking and running track, and even an on-board pub.

Another passenger Angie Linderman, who is travelling with her brother, sister-in-law and their three children, estimated there to be about 20 kids on board in total for the whole nine months, who will be homeschooled for the duration of the trip. 

Angie, who works in social media and will be working part time on board, also broke down the ship’s journey.

The keen cruiser explained that as there were four different legs of the journey and people would be joining at various legs of the journey – but a portion will be there from start to finish.

Even with creators answering questions and responding to comments from curious land dwellers, there were still some predictions and burning questions people had.

‘I wonder if anybody who’s taking the whole trip is early pregnant and doesn’t know. A baby could be born on board ! And statistically someone will die,’ one commenter wrote.

‘I’m wondering how people deal with prescriptions over the 9 months? I get one every 3 months… how do you get them?’ another asked.

Some followers are there for the reality TV-style drama that may occur.

‘I feel like we are being introduced to new characters on the world cruise season of white lotus,’ one user joked on a TikTok video.

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