Sydney's Miss Double Bay creates her 'ultimate 'ick list' for all men

Sydney’s ‘Miss Double Bay’ creates an ‘ultimate ick list’ about men:  Driving a Hyundai Getz, whispering and drinking from a straw

  • Miss Double Bay shared her dating ‘ick’ list 
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An Australian woman has left thousands in stitches with her lengthy list of things men do that give her the ‘ick’. 

Popular satire account Miss Double Bay, run by Sydney woman Claudia Bursill, shared the 50-plus-point list which included when a man whispers, runs with a backpack on or still uses a Hotmail email address. 

Also considered a turn-off is when a bloke doggy paddles, starts a conga line during a night out, drinks from a straw or waits for the green man at a pedestrian light. 

The micro-influencer’s tongue-in-cheek ick list amused many of her 56,000 followers who were quick to share their thoughts on the things men do that turn them off. 

Blokes who introduce themselves as an ‘entrepreneur’, make their golf hobby a ‘personality trait’, have a ‘signature scent’, bring a speaker to the beach and have Burning Man photos on their dating profile also made Claudia’s ick list.

Meme account Miss Double Bay has shared her amusing list of ‘icks’ in men including doggy paddling, wearing sockettes and using emoji in a texting argument  

The satirical influencer said she hates when men make their love of golf a ‘personality trait’, whisper,drink from a straw or still use a hotmail email address

Other icks were just plain bizarre including a man finding shade when feeling hot, travelling with a soft shell suitcase, saying the word ‘froth’, running after the bus and bending over to pick up dog poo. 

‘When they can’t find somewhere to put their bag in the overhead locker on a plane,’ the list continued. 

‘Budgie smugglers with fruit or animals on them – STICK TO THE CLASSICS.’

Some men’s food and drink preferences were scrutinised with the inclusion of taste testing ice cream with a baby spoon, drinking milk or ‘sippy yoghurt’, ordering a take-away espresso shot or Bircher muesli at a cafe and liking craft beer.

Social media manager Claudia Bursill (pictured) is the woman behind Miss Double Bay

Girls icks for guys #fyp

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‘Standing there naked waiting for the shower to get hot’, ‘losing their footing on the bus, resulting in quick steps’ and ‘talking about their gap year after the age of 21’ also made the list.

Men who use lip balm, drink from a bubbler, wear sockettes, use emojis during an argument over text, don’t rub their sunscreen in properly on their face, go rock climbing, or drive a Hyundai Getz were also seen as irritating.

There were some Sydney-specific icks including finding men who went to Sydney University or live at Bondi Junction a turn off. 

More of Miss Double Bay’s dating ‘icks’ 

  • Getting off a chair lift
  • Sunnies on the back of the neck 
  • Lycra
  • Claps when the plane lands 
  • when they can’t walk on pebble beaches
  • Blowing on food to cool it down
  • Goes on a cruise for a holiday 
  • Listens to Joe Rogan
  • His favourite ice cream flavour is hazelnut
  • Does jujitsu 
  • Refuses to eat veggies
  • Asks for a fork at a Japanese restaurant 
  • Applying lip balm 
  • Tries to start a conga line on a night out 
  • Running with a backpack on 
  • His favourite artist is John Mayer
  • Is a fan of That ’70s Show
  • Trying to get out of a beanbag 
  • Owns a drone 
  • Wears a Fitness First back pack with a nice suit 
  • Posts their new insta to their story too with a ‘new post’ sticker over it 
  • Personalised number plates
  • When they get into a pool with board shorts and they fill up with water 
  • ‘Founder’ on their dating and social media profile
  • Still uses a Hotmail address
  • When they can’t find somewhere to put their bag in the overhead locker

Source: missdoublebay/Instagram 

The name Alan was also something Miss Double Bay could not get past as well as whispering, only having two pillows on the bed and wearing a backpack on a Friday night out. 

‘Have I missed anything?’ Claudia captioned the post prompting women to share their own ridiculous icks in the comments. 

‘Hovers their finger over the stop button on the bus before the bus has even taken off,’ one woman wrote. 

‘The white stuff on the sides of their mouth when they’ve talked too much,’ said another.  

‘Takes pictures of his hands on the wheel of a car with a watch on,’ added a third. 

‘Using the windscreen wipers on their fastest setting,’ laughed a fourth. 

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