‘We’re fat and proud – body shaming trolls won’t make us cover up’

"Fat" is a word we often hear thrown around as an insult – but these women want to change that.

Body positive babes are reclaiming the taunt that's been hurled at them for years.

They are "fat and proud" – and refuse to bow to the pressure of trolls by covering up their curves.

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Check out the inspirational ladies below…

Meagan Senior

Meagan, from New Jersey in the US, has never had so many compliments since she starting showing off her "belly and big arms".

The 26-year-old, who wears size XXL clothes, describes herself as "fat and proud".

She said: "I feel I can wear anything. I wear tank tops – I'm proud of my big arms. Now I show off my legs.

"I show my belly and my fat rolls. It's so empowering. I have never seen so many compliments.

"People say 'I love what you're wearing'. I don't seek validation in that but it's nice…

"I want to see people coming to terms with the word fat and people to stop seeing it as a bad thing.

"I want people to stop seeing fat as meaning unhealthy and skinny meaning healthy."

Courtney Belle

The 29-year-old, from Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, was taunted over her size when she was at school.

And she felt self conscious about her body for years before stumbling across the self love influencers on Instagram.

She told Daily Star: “I got to my lowest point and I came across some body positive/ fat acceptance accounts on Instagram and it all blew my mind and I was in awe of these people that was saying a big ‘sod you’ to beauty standards and fat phobia."

Now, Courtney's mindset has totally changed.

She added: “I can totally understand why people see it [fat] as a negative, it’s been used that way by most for a long time.

“I don’t see it as an insult personally, it’s a descriptive word, fat isn’t a bad word and I fully reclaim power of it back.”

Dani Adriana

Dani, who describes herself as a “fat activist”, is tired of people making assumptions about her size.

The Australian influencer says society expects her to be “depressed” because she isn’t stick thin.

She said: “I’m good at being a bad fatty.

“At being a mentally healthy, fun loving, awesome, bad ass bitch who just happens to not want to compromise her mental health in trying to achieve a goal which will fail because diets DO NOT WORK…

"I apologise if our society has messed you up regarding what is appropriate to police around bodies.

"Don't worry society screwed me up to, but I got free from that bull***. You can too!"

Rosie Jean

A plus size model who brands herself a 'fat, hot babe' slammed her haters – saying they're just 'jealous and insecure'.

Rosie Jean, from the US, confidently describes her 6XL figure as 'sexy and beautiful' – and she's using it to make money on OnlyFans.

The 31-year-old feels extremely comfortable in her own skin and ridicules people who poke fun at her over her weight.

She told Fabulous: "My mere existence as a fat, confident, pretty woman threatens so many types of people and their perception of themselves.

"They hate themselves so much they cannot fathom how I love myself. And frankly, that’s a failure of their own self-awareness, not a failing of mine."

London Riley Keller

The influencer loves nothing more than showing off her bod in sexy outfits and helping other women get inspired by fashion.

And while some keyboard warriors call her "fat" as an insult, she doesn't take it as one.

London told The Sun: "To me, the word ‘fat’ is nothing but a descriptor.

"I am fat, I am chubby, I am overweight and I am bulky and I am big boned."

She wants people to think of "fat" as just a word – rather than something that's seen solely as good or bad.

"I am fat in the same way I am a human being," she added.

"It is a part of who I am. That is something that I embrace and love."

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