Woman asked if she's pregnant after eating all-inclusive buffet meal

I was left mortified after another holidaymaker at my resort kept asking if I was pregnant – I had just been enjoying the all-inclusive buffet

  • Lauren Saddington, from Burnley, made the most of all-inclusive buffet in Turkey
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A holidaymaker was mortified after a fellow hotel guest kept insisting she must be pregnant after her stomach was bloated from indulging on the all-inclusive buffet.

Lauren Saddington, a TikTokker and podcaster from Burnley, Lancashire, has been holidaying in lzdeniz, Turkey.

In a video the 26-year-old shared with her followers, she revealed that while she hasn’t enjoyed the breakfast options, the lunch and dinner foods have been delicious.

As a result, at these two meal times, Lauren said she had been tucking into the tasty food and enjoying three plates.

This, she says in her video, has left her with some bloating, as is often the case when eating from buffets. 

Lauren Saddington (pictured) has opened up about an uncomfortable exchange she had with a fellow holidaymaker in Turkey

According to the 26-year-old podcaster and TikTok creator, she was asked if she was pregnant, but she was just a bit bloated from eating at the all-inclusive buffet

Lauren (pictured) has said she likes to promote body positivity, and would never ask someone if they were pregnant

While this is to be expected when on holiday, an interaction Lauren had with a fellow vacationer was less run-of-the-mill. 

According to podcast host Lauren, one morning during breakfast, she was approached by another woman staying at the resort.   

Initially, the influencer thought that the guest was going to say she recognised her from her TikTok channel.

But instead, Lauren was left horrified by what the guest had to say.

Describing the interaction in her video, Lauren says: ‘She says “hasn’t your belly grown, it’s really big”.

‘I’m stood there going ‘Oh I don’t know how to handle this’.

‘And then she says “well I just thought you were really pretty the first week I saw you and now your belly’s huge”.’

And that was not the end of the conversation, the woman continued speaking.

The glamorous 26-year-old appeared shocked by the conversation, and was surprised that someone would approach a stranger with such questions

As Lauren (pictured) noted, she was simply enjoying her holiday, and making the most of the all-inclusive buffet 

The TikTok creator and podcaster looked stylish as she posed for snaps during the two-week sun soaked break in Turkey

Lauren made a video (pictured) about the situation, during which, it is clear to see the range of emotions she experienced as a result of the interchange

Fans of the TikTok creator (pictured) said they were sorry that she had experienced the uncomfortable situation

According to the Lauren, the woman then said: ‘You must be pregnant?’.

Lauren wasn’t sure what to make of the situation.

She says she told the woman that she was just enjoying her food at the all-inclusive resort.

And then, after telling the fellow holidaymaker that she wasn’t pregnant, Lauren claimed she gasped in shock.

The 26-year-old continues in her video: ‘There was sheer horror on my face because I didn’t know what she was getting to here.’

Lauren said she hoped the woman felt mortified about the conversation, as she herself would feel mortified if she made such assumptions about a stranger

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The stylish TikTokker says she would never ask someone if they were pregnant, just because they had a bump

Finally, the other guest revealed she felt ‘mortified’ about making – and vocalising – her assumption that Lauren was pregnant.

The TikTokker said: ‘Do you know what, I hope you are mortified because I would never even ask someone if they were pregnant if I saw a massive bump on their belly.’

After sharing this experience on social media, Lauren’s fans were shocked to hear about the conversation, with some expressing anger.

Lauren shared her experience on social media and her fans were left furious.

One fan said: ‘Wow this is shocking.

‘So sorry you had to deal with that, that’s just horrific, you’re beautiful.’ 

Fans of Lauren took to the comments section of her video to share their own thoughts, with some expressing anger at the stranger’s comments 

Jacqueline Cooper said: ‘Why would she even say that?

‘That’s just so wrong.’

‘What the hell is wrong with people oh my god,’ fumed fan, Emily.

Nicole Stevens said: ‘I think she must have been incredibly insecure and saw an in to tear another woman down.

‘I’m so sorry, you’re beautiful with or without the bloat.’

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