Women show off ‘saggy boobs’ and stretch marks to prove to others it’s normal

Influencers Bella Davis and Ellie Sweet teamed up to show off their 'saggy boobs' online.

The social media stars are known for her body positive and acceptance posts.

This time, they decided to focus on boobs – as they told fans it was normal for them to be saggy, uneven and covered in stretch marks.

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Both ladies shared the same post on their Instagram page, which included four different snaps of their boobs.

Written across the photo was: "It's okay if your boobs are saggy, stretch marked or uneven."

Captioning the post further, they wrote: "Our boobs have both changed over the last few years. They are uneven, heavy and laced with stretch marks of various sizes and shapes.

"There were times when we didn’t think they were worthy of being touched. Held. Seen even. Times we felt so insecure about the size and shape of our boobs that we would stare at ourselves in the mirror, while lifting up our boobs, to imagine what they would look like if they weren’t saggy."

They continued: "As toxic beauty standards had brainwashed us to believe that perky double DD boobs were the ideal, and therefore our sagging uneven, stretch mark covered boobs didn’t fit the criteria.

"We have both experienced moments when we would compare the size, shape and colour of our nipples and boobs to models online and those of our friend’s.

"We use to believe our boobs needed fixing until we started seeing images of people embracing their boobs. Boobs that we’re different shapes, sizes, appearances and colours, and from here we realised our boobs don’t need changing because all boobs are different in their own unique way.

"Saggy. Fuller. Smaller. Scarred. Perky. Stretch marked. Asymmetrical. Surgically enhanced. Uneven. Mastectomy. Double mastectomy. All worthy. All extraordinary. There’s no right way for your boobs to look, and there’s no wrong way to have boobs. Because all boobs are good boobs. It’s time you start to accept them."

Fans were loving the inspiring post, as one wrote: "Amazing girls."

"Yes queens," added another, while a third said: "Thank you ladies! Much love to you both."

A third touched fan also commented: "Very inspiring. The way we are always told that boobs can sag, but only if you breastfed, or are in your 50s, 60s… So as a teenager, I felt that sth was wrong with my body, but it was just gravity doing its thing. All boobs are beautiful."

The post comes after Ellie recently took off her bra to show fans how her boobs change out of it.

Bella also hit headlines as she opened up to Daily Star about being trolled daily by 'insecure' haters.


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