Kerry Katona’s kids ‘love’ her sexy pics because she makes so much money

Kerry Katona has insisted her kids are in favour of her selling racy content on the adult subscription web site OnlyFans as it makes her so much money.

The mother-of-five, who claims to have made millions so far the venture, says even daughter Lily-Sue, 20 is now content with her mum's X-rated career despite her previous reservations.

Kerry, 42, who is also mum to Molly, 21, Heidi, 16, Max, 14, and DJ, eight, discussed her kids' reaction to her newfound career on Slingo's Getting Lippy Gossip Show, which airs on YouTube.

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She explained: "The only one who was a bit concerned about it was our Lilly and then when the money started rolling in and they all got the iPads they all loved it and now Max and Heidi are like 'go all the way Mum go all the way I can get a horse!'"

Kerry continued: "But we're a very open family. I mean the first shoot I did our Molly took the pictures of me in my underwear, it's like you're in you’re in a bikini on the beach. It was funny you know. Yeah, I get a bit saucy on there and why not?

"'I was at first [nervous], I felt sick. I was like 'oh my God, oh my God what am I doing' and then when the money started coming in and I started creating these amazing memories and adventures with the kids and got them back in private school and being able to take them away I have no shame in it. I really don’t. I want to live the best life I can live."

And asked why she chose to go back into modelling, Kerry joked that it was because she has "great t**s" which she knew she "could make money from".

Discussing her income on The Matt Haycox Show last month, Kerry opened up for the first time about her current finances.

Asked by Matt if rumours she was making £500,000 per month from the platform were true, she responded: "No, not half a million quid a month. I wish I was!

"But the first month I made 170 [thousand], but I'm going into the millions now. That's what I'm up to."

The presenter then asked: "In the millions up to collectively?"

Kerry replied: Yeah, in the three years, yes. So. I'm doing alright."

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Elsewhere in her chat with Matt, Kerry revealed that she grew up in poverty and has always gained and lost money throughout her life.

Talking candidly, she said: "I've been on every side of the coin you can think of. I went from having nothing to getting my clothes off a car boot sale with my nan.

"Going on the rob with my mum. I remember being nine years of age and it was Christmas, we just got moved from a refuge into a new house and it was Christmas morning and we had no decorations and the people from the refuge knocked on Christmas morning with a bin bag of second-hand stuff.

The star then went on to share how she gained an immense amount of money "overnight".

She said: "You know, corned beef, bread. I was eternally grateful. Then I became a millionaire overnight, then split up with Brian.

"Then I got the Iceland deal… then I had my own reality show, became a millionaire again."

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