Shaun Ryder says he’s ‘trying every drug around’ after hitting ‘male menopause’

Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder is having hormone replacement therapy.

The singer, 61, is getting treatment usually given to women going through the menopause. He said the "male menopause" was "a real thing and I should know because I’ve been through it."

Shaun, who has admitted "trying every drug around", explained:"“I was tired all the time, could barely be bothered leaving the house. My libido was gone and I was miserable. A routine blood test showed my testosterone levels were at zero, explaining the way I’d been feeling. I’ve been having HRT ever since and it’s changed my life for the better."

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It comes as the Celebrity Gogglebox star claimed humans were put here by another planet and aliens come and check on us. The Black Grape singer said they have bases under the sea and up mountains and we’re one big experiment. And he himself has seen aliens. Shaun said: "There’s life on other planets. I mean, can you imagine how strange it would be if in the whole of the universe.. that it was only us?

"That would be f***ing weird. That would be freaky as f***. They was here before us – how do you think we got here? This is a big f***ing experiment this that’s going on, on this planet, it really is. It’s probably an experiment that they want to see. We just keep looping the same s*** with wars and everything and we’re still not learning many lessons, still carrying on f***ing trashing the planet."

"There’s bases that you’ve got set up in f***ing mountains and under the sea and everything, you know, so I’m big on all that.” Shaun pointed to classic artwork as further proof of his belief that aliens have visited us for years.

He said: "Look at Leonardo da Vinci paintings and all that lot, you’ve got f***ing spaceships in the sky and all sorts of things going on." And Shaun told Daily Star he’s had close encounters of his own. He said: "The first one I ever saw was in the 1970s – 1978. I was going to work, I was a 15-year-old messenger boy at the post office.

"I’m walking to the bus stop at seven o’clock, half six in the morning, and there’s a kid also going to the grammar school. And we’re walking to the bus stop and this f***ing thing, we just saw it zooming across the sky at thousands of miles an hour and zigzagging and waiting. Then it f***ed off and zoomed back down and f***ed off again. That was 1978 and I’ve seen a few other things."

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The Britpop icons release Orange Head, their fourth album, on November 3 followed by five gigs – Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, London and Southampton. He said: "I want to spend more time doing Black Grape and push this album and do some more Black Grape shows."

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