British Airways to make huge change to UK flights from next week | The Sun

BRITISH Airways is changing its policy for passengers boarding domestic flights from next week.

The move will mean travellers flying across the UK will need to keep tabs on an extra item before they head for the airport.

From next week, the UK's flagship airline will require photo ID from its passengers on domestic flights.

Until now, BA never insisted that its customers present any formal identification, but has since switched tact.

From Friday September 1, those aged 16 or over will need to pack one form of photo ID.

This could include a passport, driving licence or an EU national identity card.

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British Airways customers will be reminded of the policy change in pre-flight emails to avoid complications.

Andrew McConnell, a spokesperson for the CAA, said: “UK aviation security regulations do not require a passenger’s identity to be checked for security purposes prior to boarding a domestic flight, in the same way when travelling within the mainland on a train or bus.

"Any further requirement on behalf of the carrier to provide identification may be a condition of travel by the carrier itself.”

Its new policy, updated on its website, states: “You do not require a passport to travel within the UK, but you will need to carry one type of photographic ID when travelling with us.

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"Examples include: valid passport; valid driving licence, either provisional or full; valid EU national identity card; valid armed forces identity card; valid police warrant card or badge.

“Children under the age of 16 do not need to show identification when travelling on domestic flights. The adult they are travelling with must travel with photographic identification and be able to confirm their identity.

"Children aged 14 and 15 years who are flying alone will need to show identification when travelling on domestic flights.”

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