Etiquette expert reveals the secrets to getting served quickly in bars

You’ve been ordering drinks all wrong! Etiquette expert William Hanson’s tips for nights on the town, from the secret to getting served quickly at the bar to whether it’s OK to kiss in a cab…

  • The tips are presented in William’s book Help I Sexted My Boss
  • The tome also covers stage fright in loos and tackling round-dodgers in the pub 
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Do you feel invisible at the bar on nights out?

Do you wonder whether it’s OK to look at your phone during a movie?

If yes, then read on, because here we present a sneak peek at the advice etiquette expert William Hanson offers for great nights on the town in his new book Help I Sexted My Boss – A Hilarious Guide To Avoiding Life’s Awkward Moments, co-authored by Jordan North.

He covers the aforementioned issues and more with his co-author.

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In his new book Help I Sexted My Boss, co-authored with Jordan North, William Hanson offers tips for great nights on the town

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Help! My mate never gets a round in!

William says: ‘I would make them get drinks first. Let’s say Producer Ben is renowned for not getting a round in. The next time we’re out, I’d say, “Ben, you’re up first. I’ll have a gin and tonic. Jordan will have a Guinness.” You make the round dodger go first.’

Jordan adds: ‘You need to call them out, otherwise they’ll never learn. I think there should be some sort of searchable online list for round dodgers.’

Help! I hate people using their phones in the theatre and cinema!

William says: ‘[In the theatre] if it’s an emergency, of course it’s OK to check your phone. But if your life is really so hectic that you can’t be away from your phone for a few hours, do not go to the theatre until the pressure is off. Rebook!

‘In terms of cinema etiquette, there is an obvious point when you must put your phones away. It is OK to casually check your phone while the first set of adverts are playing out. But when the lights dim and the film trailers start, that is your sign to put your phone away and settle down to watch the film itself.’

Help! I Sexted My Boss by William Hanson and Jordan North is out now

Help! I get stage fright in the toilet!

William says: ‘A female friend of mine once told me that she got stage fright, too. It’s not just a thing for men. There’s a condition where you’re not relaxed. You just can’t go. And women can fear other people hearing the sound of them weeing. Accept that when you’re having a wee in public – it’s generally very tough.’

Help! Is it OK to kiss in the back seat of a taxi?

William says: ‘There should be nothing deep and meaningful in a taxi, which includes kissing. You have to remember that the car is the driver’s space and they may not take kindly to passengers cavorting outrageously. The only time lips should touch in the back of a car is when you are saying goodbye to someone.’

Help! I’m invisible at the bar!

William says: ‘You need to make eye contact. Flash them a nice smile, look friendly, look like a nice person to serve. If you want to, and it’s the right kind of bar, you could tip after your first round so when you go back, they will be more attentive, and you are much more likely to get served.’

Help! I Sexted My Boss by William Hanson and Jordan North is out now (£20/CAN $42.95), published by Penguin Random House. For more from Mr Hanson visit his TikTok and Instagram profiles.

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