I'm a female solo traveller and I've felt unsafe in these countries

I’m a female solo traveller and I’ve felt unsafe in these four countries

  • A TikToker has shared to 301,500 followers the countries she felt most unsafe in 
  • While nothing happened to the pro-traveller she warned followers to be vigilant 

For many people, especially women, travelling alone can be a rewarding experience. 

As the scenes in Eat Pray Love suggest, solo trips can be a great way to find yourself and learn important lessons along the way. 

And, over the last few years, the travel industry has somewhat shifted, leading to more women exploring the world on their own. 

Yet, despite the growing trend, women still face a unique set of challenges when abroad, arguably different to those faced by men. 

Sharing to her 301,500 followers, one TikToker highlighted four countries she felt unsafe in as a female traveller. 

Captioning the now-viral video, Chloe Jade said: ‘This was a video that was requested by many people so I decided that I should make it.’

The travel-pro stressed that she has never run into any serious issues in these countries, but told her followers that it’s important to always be ‘vigilant’ and ‘aware’ wherever you go. 

Chloe said that while she has felt ‘unsafe’ in these countries, her experiences should not dissuade you from visiting these ‘amazing’ countries. 

TikTok traveller Chloe Jade has shared four countries she has felt unsafe in as a woman, warning her followers to be ‘vigilant’ and ‘aware’

Though Chloe said she never fell into any serious trouble in any of these places, she said the video has been requested countless times by her followers


The first location the US-based traveller felt uneasy visiting was Paris. Though she has visited the city around six times, she felt most at risk during her first trip. 

Chloe, who was 22 at the time, said she had met up with a local while there, but it became clear to her the two had ‘different intentions.’

She said the man had ‘lured’ her into getting a beer with him and tried to get her to go down a dark alleyway far from her hotel room.  

Chloe said: ‘I told him to f-off and I ran back to my hotel.’

She said: ‘I passed out as soon as I got back, I had cold sweats the whole night and I felt like he definitely put something in my drink.’

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 Chloe said that while she enjoyed her trip to Morocco and didn’t feel ‘super unsafe’ in Marrakesh, that her Turkish friend felt uncomfortable walking through the streets of the city. 

‘Now overall, I loved my trip to Morocco and I actually enjoyed my time in Marrakesh as well but Dilar was with me and she did not feel super safe on the streets in Marrakesh.

The TikToker said: ‘It’s a very old city so the walls are very tight together and there’s little passageways everywhere although I personally did not feel super unsafe a lot of the young men were pretty aggressive.’

While nothing bad happened on the trip, she the pro-traveller felt it was important to mention.  

Pattaya, Thailand

Chloe told her followers that while she ‘absolutely loves’ Thailand, they should avoid Pattaya. 

Explaining why she felt unsafe, she said: ‘It just feels gross, there’s so many foreign men that are coming there to you know do terrible things and it made me feel extremely uncomfortable.’

Belgrade, Serbia

Chloe warned her American followers that she was met with ‘hostility’ while entering the country. 

While nothing bad happened to her, she said she experienced the disapproval from the moment she entered the country.

Contemplating why, she told her followers: ‘Overall I think it was just that they really did not like Americans.

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