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A TV host who often travels for her job has revealed the items she always packs – and one is a rather strange addition.

Kamie Crawford is known for her presenting role on the MTV reality show Catfish.

The former Miss Teen USA winner has been the host of the show since 2018.

This has also meant travelling the world for the show.

She told CNN: "Because of the nature of the show, I’m constantly in limbo waiting to find out where I’m going and who I’m going to be talking to – usually, I don’t find out where I’m going until I get a call or an email a few days before I leave."

She said she has already travelled five different US states in the past few months, as well as to Spain as part of the job.

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The Catfish host added: "I’m really all over the place all the time!"

Along with her job, she often films her hotel rooms on her social m media channels, a perk of being able to travel so much.

However, there is one item she said she always packs when flying economy, and is a game-changer when she arrives at the hotel.

Ms Crawford said she always packs is a heating pad for her back, what with the cramped and uncomfortable plane seats.

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She explained: "I must have it on me in my hotel room no matter what."

While the one she recommends is £30 on the US Amazon, a similar one in the UK is just £17.49 on Amazon.

The ISOLVE heat pad has four temperatures, as well as a timer and automatic shut-off.

The pad extends from the neck to the lower back, but can always be used for back and neck pain as well as stomach cramps.

People on Amazon have raved about it, with one saying it made their shoulder pain "bearable" and eased the pain.

Another said it was "used by the whole family" because it was so popular.

A third said: "I found this heat pad super useful with my lower back pain. It gives an instant soothing effect."

And as the winter months roll around the heating pad can even be used to warm your feet or body up even if you don't have any neck or back pain.

The MTV host revealed some of her other travel must-haves, including matcha powder for "instant drinks" and toilet spray which she says is the "perfect travel item".

She even admitted to packing "five different kinds of headphones" including ones for the plane and noise cancellers.

Another travel show host revealed why she always takes an egg cup with her on holiday.

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