I'm an American who lived in the UK – four things I HATED about it

What a fry baby! American who lived in UK reveals four things she hated about it… including one of our favourite dishes

  • The video by Georgia has sparked a furious debate amongst Brits and Americans
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An American influencer who lived in the UK has revealed the four things she hated the most about it.

The video by Georgia Rose, who goes by @georgiarosecurves on TikTok, has been seen by more than 120,000 people, dividing opinion amongst Brits and Americans. 

She told viewers: ‘These are some of the things I loved and hated when I was living in England.

‘This is mostly food based because I pretty much loved everything except the food – not a huge fan of the food’.

The American went on to list the things she didn’t enjoy and then made a separate video detailing what she did actually like – read on for the top four things she hated.  

The video by Georgia Rose, who goes by @georgiarosecurves on TikTok , has been seen by more than 120,000 people, diving opinion amongst Brits and Americans

Full English breakfast 

The first thing on Georgia’s list, is possibly the most controversial – it’s a British staple.

She explains: ‘First off we’ve got the full English breakfast, got the beans, the sausages, the hot tomatoes, blood sausage – no, no thanks, pass, full pass.

‘I ate it on my second day in England and I didn’t touch another bean the whole damn time.’

Pigs in blankets 

Moving on, she lists another popular food choice and a Christmas favourite, she tells viewers: ‘Next up, British pigs in a blanket. My housemate said he was making these with dinner one night.

‘He said pigs in a blanket, I thought oh delicious, American pigs in a blanket – and he made these monstrosities. 

 ‘And I don’t know if it was just because I was so heartbroken that it wasn’t American pigs in a blanket or if I just hated these – just not a fan, not a fan of these, too much and it doesn’t even taste good.’

American ‘pigs in blankets’ are hot dogs in croissant dough, similar to what Brits would call a sausage roll.

She told viewers ‘I don’t know if it was just because I was so heartbroken that it wasn’t American pigs in a blanket or if I just hated these – just not a fan, not a fan of these, too much and it doesn’t even taste good’

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British KFC 

Georgia went on to rage about British KFC, claiming: ‘The KFC doesn’t have f****** mashed potatoes – there’s not mashed potatoes and there’s not macaroni and cheese at KFC.

‘I was so hungover one time and my housemates and I were gonna go get KFC and we get there and there’s no mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese on the menu.

‘I about f****** cried cause I was so hungover and I really wanted mashed potatoes. So yeah, they don’t have mash there.

‘You get fries with KFC and my housemate was like I always wondered why they had gravy – I was like cause they’re supposed to have f****** mashed potatoes too and she’s like, oh that makes sense.

‘Get it together KFC in the UK.’

However, viewers were quick to point out that while it doesn’t have macaroni cheese, KFC in the UK does offer mashed potatoes.

The TikToker replied: ‘They got them right after I left! So happy’. 

Walking in the rain 

Finally, something most Brits are used to is gloomy weather, however the American found it difficult.

She angrily said: ‘Last up, walking in the f****** rain. Walking on these goddamn cobblestone streets and the slippery ass f****** stones.

‘Having to walk everywhere, wet feet, being wet all the time, walking everywhere wet.

‘Terrible, it’s terrible and I f****** hated it and you know what’s worse than just having to walk somewhere, is that after you go hook up with a guy from Tinder, you have to walk home when you can barely f****** walk and it’s raining and there’s cobblestone streets and you’re headed home from a Netflix and chill session.

‘I remember I got lost one time on my way home and my phone wasn’t working and so I’d walk really far over.

‘I was like, I will never again take for granted being able to drive home after a booty call – like, we don’t know how good we have it in America’.

The video prompted backlash from Brits who defended themselves in the comments.

One user wrote: ‘You not liking pigs in blankets is a deviancy on your part’.

Another added: ‘Why would you assume American pigs in a blanket when you’re in England? Also it’s sausage wrapped in bacon – that’s meat with meat! Delish!’

Others chimed in with: ‘Does it not rain in the US? We have taxis, Uber and buses’ and ‘Mmmmm we do have mash potatoes’.

Another penned: ‘Find it amazing that people visit other countries and fail to believe that people eat other foods as part of their culture that different to the US’.

Although, some fellow Americans also flocked to the comments to join the debate.

One person from the US wrote: ‘When I went to the UK the first time I hated the food! 

‘I was disappointed- lived off fish and chips!’

Meanwhile, someone else agreed: ‘I absolutely HATED the food in England… I was there in 1997. I would stop at a convenience store, get a premade sandwich/diet coke’.

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