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TAKING loads of photos is an important part of most people's holidays – but there are places where it can get you in trouble.

Lots of people share snaps of themselves in the airport on social media before they get ready to fly, to try and make their friends jealous.

However, there are places inside the airport where passengers are prohibited from taking pictures.

Everyone knows they're not supposed to get their cameras out while waiting in the line at the security desks or customs queues.

However, passengers aren't free to photograph everything once they've made their way through to the departure lounges.

A lot of airports won't let anyone take photos of the planes out on the tarmac.

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It may be tempting to try and take a photo of the aeroplane before you get on board.

But it could actually be breaching security protocol and could get you in trouble.

In the wake of the September 11 attacks in New York, airport security was significantly strengthened in most airports, with staff keen not to reveal how their airports operate.

As a result, most places will now prevent passengers from getting their pre-holiday snaps on the tarmac.

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Doug Drury is Head of Aviation at CQUniversity in Australia.

He told Stuff NZ: "Such restrictions are carryovers from the changes to airport security following the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks.

"Security teams change their processes frequently to prevent having any identifiable patterns that could be used to create a security breach.

"The increased security measures also mean new technologies were introduced; airport security sections do not want photos taken of how they operate."

It's not the only security rule that catches people out at airports, with peanut butter regularly getting passengers in trouble.

The sandwich spread is a favourite food item for people to take on holiday with them, but those who try and take it in their hand luggage regularly get it confiscated.

It's considered to be a liquid by airport security, meaning only tubs with less than 100ml in them will be permitted in carry-on.

Meanwhile, some passengers order toiletries via click and collect to get around hand luggage rules.

And we've revealed how to get through airport security faster than before.

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