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A UK beach has been described as "beautiful" online, with people amazed at how it can only be reached via a tunnel.

Brits will be on the hunt for amazing beaches to visit before the summer months draw to a close.

One of those places is Cove Harbour in Scotland, which can only be accessed through a tunnel.

According to the Cove Harbour website, the tunnel was carved in 1752 for Sir John Hall of Dunglass – a Scottish merchant.

The tunnel was allegedly used by smugglers to carry their loot away from the beach.

In 1990, Cove Harbour was bought by Benjamin Tindall who decided to conserve the beach area for fishermen, locals, and holidaymakers.

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There is no other way to reach the sandy beach than by going through the tunnel, making it feel somewhat like a secret bay.

One person who loves Cove Harbour is TikTok user Outdoor Exploring Family who described it as a "beautiful place".

In a video, shared online, they said: "Did you know there's a secret cove in Scotland only accessible through a hidden tunnel?"

The footage showed the entrance to the tunnel, which was somewhat covered by the leaves of the trees and small bushes.

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After walking through the short, dark, tunnel, the other side showed a small cove dotted with several small fishing boats and a sandy beach.

TikTok User, Linda, who is known as lindadonnelly17 on the social media platform, also posted a video about her visit to the lesser-known beach.

She added: "One of my favourite hidden coves in Scotland, accessed through a tunnel in the rock."

Her video has amassed over 20,000 views, with others sharing their opinions in the comments.

One person wrote: "The best wee hidden gem."

A second wrote: "It's a beautiful spot."

Holidaymakers have also been raving about the lesser-known beach on Tripadvisor too.

One person wrote: "It's so beautiful, peaceful, and tranquil – we adore it!

"I love the fact that unless you know it's there, and opt to walk down a particularly dark tunnel, you would never find this hidden gem."

Someone else wrote: "An easy walk down the path and then through the tunnel to a hidden cove"

A third added: "We walked along the coast path from the car park, then veered through a tunnel cut through the hillside, which brought us out to another beach."

Another holidaymaker added: "The water is clear, and when there's a low tide, you can see how the earth has been moving throughout the years."

And it's not just holidaymakers who've praised the Scottish Cove either, it's also been used as a filming location for TV shows like Vera.

On the beach, there's a small stretch of "golden sand" that can be enjoyed by holidaymakers when the tide is low.

Cove Harbour is a 50-minute drive away from Edinburgh, but the beach can also be reached on a public bus too.

Meanwhile, the "secret" beach is just a 30-minute drive away from the English town of Berwick-upon-Tweed in Northumberland.

And this isn't the only beach in the UK that can be accessed via a tunnel, there's also Tunnels Beach in Ilfracombe, Devon.

A network of tunnels, which were hand-carved in the early nineteenth century, leads to several sheltered sand and shingle beaches, as well as a Victorian tidal swimming pool.

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Meanwhile, this Devon beach has stretches of pink sands.

And another beach in the region offers visitors the chance to watch dolphins swim while having a curry.

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