Adult star Sophie Anderson victim of ‘death hoax’ by ex who ‘confirmed’ funeral

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    Adult star Sophie Anderson has been the victim of a cruel hoax claiming she died.

    It is understood that the adult content creator's ex-boyfriend Damian Oliver made several posts on social media – several have since been deleted.

    These included a d**k picture, where he asked "Who wants to get f***ed?".

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    Around the same time, he claimed that Sophie had taken an overdose and that her funeral was on Tuesday at 2pm.

    However, Sophie's friends combatted the post claiming that Sophie was alive and okay.

    Model Rebecca More tweeted: “I’ve just had a phone call from Suffolk police informing me that the metropolitan police can confirm they have spoken to Sophie and she is ok”.

    Shortly after, Damien retreated on his earlier words and instead claimed that Sophie instead was out of hospital.

    When questioned why he said she was dead and that the funeral had been planned, he responded: “If she doesn’t come back it would be on Tuesday as it's the day she told me to book. sophie said ‘titty Tuesday' I will keep u updated but f*** u to the people who think I am lying and I wouldn’t give a fuck about hateful or abusive messages.

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    “I am just letting her people no whats happened. I've been to hell and back no1 can hurt me so save your energy for someone who gives a f***.

    “I am by my girl's side and I don't have time to respond to anyone.”

    The same person questioned his response again, asking: “So when exactly did this happen? you post a d**k pic, tweet that she’s dead, then she replies to my emails, then she’s in a coma… but somehow there’s a funeral organised and booked in that same timeframe? and you also have enough time to farm the attention as well? bollocks”.

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    Sophie, aka sophieasuccess on Instagram, does not appear to have addressed the hoax directly and has not posted on either Instagram or X (formerly Twitter) in a month.

    However, she did post a video to her Instagram story advertising adult content.

    Fans of the model took to social media to share their disbelief and outrage over the situation.

    One said: “I’m sorry but I refuse to believe @SophieASlut has passed away a British icon”.

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    “Sophie Anderson’s ex-boyfriend says she’s dead, someone else says she spoke to her on the phone, then ex-boyfriend says the funeral is on Thursday, said she died of an overdose.. this is all too much for a Sunday,” added another.

    A third added: “So he says she’s dead then says she’s in a coma? Make it make sense”.

    Both Suffolk Police and The Metropolitan Police have been contacted for comment.

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