Angry passerby confronts Just Stop Oil for holding up traffic

‘All your clothes are made out of oil!’ Moment angry passerby confronts Just Stop Oil activists for holding up traffic and ‘wasting more petrol’

This is the moment an angry passerby confronts Just Stop Oil activists as they held up traffic during another slow march in London today. 

The eco-mob said that 100 of its members took part in a march on Hendon Way, north London, which is one of the capital’s busiest roads, in what is the third week of its ongoing campaign against motorists. 

Metropolitan Police officers arrived on the scene ‘immediately’ and have already made ‘multiple arrests’.  The force said: ‘There is significant congestion in the area. People stuck in this could be trying to get to work, appointments or school.’

Footage from the scene shows one angry member of the public confronting the group, sarcastically telling activists ‘this is definitely going to work’ and pointing out that ‘all your clothes are made out of oil’. 

The man then calls the group a ‘joke’ for ‘wasting everybody’s time and petrol’ as several motorists can be heard blaring their horns in frustration over the disruption caused by the eco-zealots. 

This is the moment an angry passerby confronts Just Stop Oil activists as they held up traffic during another slow march in London today

The Met said on X, at around 9:23am, that it has so far arrested more than 60 activists, but expects that number to rise to around 100. 

Video footage of today’s slow march shows the moment that dozens of activists stormed on to the busy London road, blocking cars from getting past. 

They quickly begin donning their conventional orange high-vis jackets and unfurling banners with the words ‘Just Stop Oil’.  

One passerby then says: ‘Well done, this is going to work guys. This is definitely going to work. Brilliant. 

‘What a brilliant idea. what do you mean just stop oil all your stuff is made out of oil you idiots. Your clothes, your jackets they are all made out of oil. What the hell are you doing here making a nuisance out of yourselves.’

The latest protest comes after the force said it arrested 25 Just Stop Oil activists yesterday for disruption to a main carriageway after the eco-mob staged a slow march on Holloway Road in north London. 

Activists were yesterday seen marching on Holloway Road in north London on Sunday as thousands of people gathered in the capital to pay tribute to the nation’s fallen soldiers. 

The group said 40 of its members, who were wearing red and white remembrance poppies, took part in the march as they blocked traffic on the busy dual carriageway near Finsbury Park. 

Police officers arrived at the scene shortly after the march started at 4pm and began shoving activists out of the road, according to the group. The Metropolitan Police said that 25 arrests were made for disruption to the main carriageway.

Footage from the scene shows one frustrated commuter on an electric scooter ploughing into one of the signs being carried by the group before furiously discarding it to the side of the road and driving off. 

Another video shows a furious van driver attempt to get past the eco-zealots as they stood in the middle of the road at a set of traffic lights, while other enraged motorists honked their horns in frustration. 

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