Extinction Rebellion begging WOMEN'S INSTITUTE members to join them as they begin new campaign of disruption | The Sun

EXTINCTION Rebellion is trying to swell its ranks — with Women’s Institute members.

The eco-extremists are urging activists to enlist the WI to help it with upcoming protests.

XR sees the movement, whose chapters meet ­regularly for crafting and cultural activities, as integral to their aims.

XR documents reveal it is planning actions every month until February.

It asks supporters to “connect” with other community groups (eg. WI).

One member said: “We need to break out of our activism bubble and go to groups that may have different views to us.

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“We need to widen our support to give our goals more credibility.”

It has already found backing from Alcombe WI in Somerset who joined XR last month on a beach pollution protest.

The Women’s Institute was formed in 1915 to encourage country women to get involved in growing and preserving food during the First World War.

It has hundreds of chapters, especially in rural areas, who meet regularly and participate in crafts, cultural activities and social work.

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