Insane moment bee rescuer cuts open floor to find huge hive and 100lbs of honey

An un-bee-lievable discovery of a super hive of bees stowed away just below a floor has left swarms of people stunned.

Bee-loving TikTokers Jeff and Julie Russell run a company that relocates bees in their home state of California, USA.

The pair then post about their bee-filled adventures on social media to the delight of their millions of followers.

And one recent job left their followers amazed by what they discovered – sharing a job in which they found a mega hive hiding in the floor of a balcony.

The video has been watched by almost 30m people so far.

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@mr.mrs.beerescue we found 100lbs of honey inside of their balcony floor ������ #beetok #bees #bugs #nature #animals #wildlife #construction #contractor #honey ♬ Pet Island – Uncle Skeleton

As he pulls away the floor Jeff says: “It’s packed, it’s loaded in here.”

And then when he makes the discovery, Jeff, who has 18 years expertise in the field, is totally shocked by what he finds. As he pulls up the floorboards, a huge swarm of bees comes flying out.

He said: “Holy cr*p, oh my gosh. Look at how much honey there is. That is crazy.”

As the video progresses, he pulls up more and more of the floor to find even more of the insects, before eventually locating the Queen Bee. At that point, many of the bees start to follow their Queen out, and he scoops up the remainder of the bees into cardboard boxes to rescue them.

They add: “Once the bees are collected in our box, we donate them to local beekeepers where they place them on various apiaries and properties in San Diego County.”

Jeff estimates there were around 70,000 bees living in the balcony floor, and had created a whopping 100lbs of honey.

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Followers have commented in their thousands in reaction to the video.

One said: “We thought bees were going extinct but they were really just all in there.” Another said: “That’s not a bee colony – that’s a bee continent.”

TikTokers asked if the honey was safe to eat and how many Jeff thought there was. He answered both saying it was perfectly edible.

Their TikTok account @mr.mrs.beerescue has 1.8m followers and their website describes their mission to save bees from termination.

It says: “Honey bees are in critical need of help. For the last couple of decades they have been experiencing a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder which is potentially caused by pesticides, parasites, climate change, viruses and fungicides.

“To put it simply, honey bees are fragile and we depend on them. Our mission is to change people’s minds on exterminating these amazing little creatures and rather, allow us to safely relocate them so that they can live healthy lives.”

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