Man in Grinch outfit with Santa is fake sign disrupts school drop-off

‘Street preacher’ dressed as the Grinch with ‘Santa is fake’ sign disrupts morning drop-off at Texas elementary school where incensed father and principal are forced to intervene

  • David Grisham, 63, protested outside  Sleepy Hollow Elementary School during drop-off on Monday
  • Self-proclaimed ‘street preacher’ has been a serial nuisance around his hometown of Lone Star since retiring but police were unable to stop him 
  • Sleepy Hollow Principal Kelsey Williams said Grisham had ‘frightened’ students with his sign ‘Santa is fake. Jesus is real’

A retired man from Texas dressed up as the Grinch and terrorized children at an elementary school during drop-off time by telling them Santa Claus isn’t real.

David Grisham, 63, is known locally for being a nuisance in his hometown of Lone Star and other areas around Amarillo, Texas.

The self-proclaimed ‘street preacher’ said his holiday mission this year is to ‘shame Santa.’ 

His most recent ultra-religious outburst took place at Sleepy Hollow Elementary School – where he stood outside as parents dropped their children off on Monday morning.

The serial pest wore a full Grinch costume and held a sign that said: ‘Santa is fake. Jesus is real,’ much to the horror and anger of parents and teachers – who desperately tried to prevent the young students from seeing his harsh sign. 

David Grisham, 63, dressed up as the Grinch and harassed families during school drop-off time at Sleep Hollow Elementary in Texas by holding a huge sign that said ‘Santa is fake. Jesus is real.’

One father was so angry at Grisham for his attention-seeking demonstration that he snatched the sign and threw it to the ground in fury 

The police arrived at the scene – but couldn’t do anything to stop Grisham’s protest because he was on a public sidewalk 

One angry dad grabbed the sign and threw it onto the ground and another parent told KVII that Grisham should not be ‘pushing his agenda’ on other people’s kids.

Police showed up to the elementary school – but couldn’t do anything about Grisham’s obnoxious protest because he was standing on a public sidewalk.

Grisham seemed unprovoked as he videoed the dad who furiously flung his sign and repeatedly called the parents liars for teaching their children to believe in Santa Claus.

The outspoken ‘pastor’ said parents were upset because they’re ‘prideful’ and don’t want to admit that they’re lying to their children. 

He claims that parents don’t want to blame the person telling the ‘truth’ – referring to himself. 

When asked why he chose to ruin the ‘magic’ of Christmas for kids – Grisham responded: ‘I’m not concerned about the magic of Christmas but the MIRACLE of Christmas in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.’

Sleepy Hollow Principal Kelsey Williams spoke out against the hateful disruption to the school’s drop-off, saying that the Grinch was not welcome and not invited.

‘I’m saddened by the fact that some of our kiddos and families were frightened because of him,’ she said.

In the video message she assured families that ‘the Grinch has officially made his way back to Mount Crumpit’.

Williams revealed that contingency plans had been drawn up to deal with the ‘unwanted’ Grinch – but didn’t specify what those plans involved.  

The Sleepy Hollow Principal Kelsey Williams said the Grinch was not welcome and not invited and even revealed that the school had ‘contingency plans’ to keep Grisham away 

Grisham is known locally around Amarillo, Texas, for his ultra-religious protests that he organizes as part of a group called ‘the street preachers’ 

The ‘pastor’ teased his tirade on social media just four days before he showed up at the elementary school.

‘I wonder what would happen if the Grinch showed up at a mall, Festival of Lights, Christmas Parade or an Elementary School and told the kids that Santa was fake, their parents had been lying to them and that Christmas was really about celebrating the birth of Christ,’ Grisham said on social media.

The Grinch spectacle ignited a heated back-and-forth on social media about Santa Claus and whether it’s okay for parents to teach their children to believe in the magical figure. 

At least 321 people left comments on Grisham’s Facebook post – where he showed off his Grinch protest.

One user said: ‘Who do you think you are? You are a terrible person and not even remotely Christian. Why do you want to ruin things for kids? You’re encroaching on parents and children’s freedoms.’

Another agreed saying: ‘Why are you targeting the innocent? That’s not your place!’

Grisham – now retired – has organized many demonstrations as an ‘official street preacher’

On November 10 Grisham protested abortions at North Texas University with a sign saying ‘are you rape bait?’ and a sweater that said ‘abortion is domestic violence’

Grisham – now retired – has organized many demonstrations as an ‘official street preacher’.

He is passionately anti-abortion and recently shared a disturbing post saying ‘want to take a guess at who chops off more babies heads than Hamas? – in reference to a Planned Parenthood clinic. 

On November 10 Grisham protested abortions at North Texas University with a sign saying ‘are you rape bait?’ and a sweater that said ‘abortion is domestic violence’. 

In 2022, Grisham protested the LGBTQ+ community with signs that said ‘Satan rules over all the children of pride’ and ‘homo sex is sin’.

Grisham has a reputation for being a pest. One local said: ‘Didn’t we all dislike him so much that he got ran out of town and moved to Alaska? We should do that again!’

Another revealed that Grisham has a long history of this kind of behavior, saying he harasses children at school and at malls and travels from place to place begging for money.

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