Man murdered mother 'having a go at her for not making him a sandwich'

Vile killer who murdered his mother then grinned and feigned shock during arrest beat her to death after ‘having a go at her for not making him a bacon sandwich’, his sister reveals

  • Lewis Bush, 26, murdered his mother, Kelly Pitt, 44, in May 2023 in Newport
  • Jordan, his sister, said she was ‘robbed’ by the sentence handed down today 
  • Lewis was sentenced to life in prison, but with a minimum term of only 16 years 

The sister of a man who murdered their mother following a dispute over a sandwich has said that she feels that she has been ‘robbed of justice’ after her brother was handed a minimum term of sixteen years in prison for the killing earlier today.

Jordan Bush, 22, says that she was ‘devastated’ after her mother Kelly Pitt, 44, was murdered in May 2023.

Her brother, Lewis Bush, 26, attacked his mother during a row over a bacon sandwich in their home in Newport, Wales. 

Speaking of the verdict handed down by Newport Crown Court, Jordan said: ’16 years is not enough and I feel like I’ve been robbed of justice. No amount of time will ever be enough to make up for what a stunning person she was.

‘Lewis is despicable and I’ll never forgive him for taking my best friend away.’

Lewis Bush, 26, attacked his mother during a row over a bacon sandwich in their home in Newport, Wales in May 2023

Kelly Pitt, 44, had suffered years of abuse at the hands of her son. He had been serving bail following an assault on her in February when he murdered her 

Jordan Bush, 22, said that she was ‘devastated’ by what had happened to her mother and felt that the sentence that had been handed down to her brother was too lenient

‘I have no family left now that my mum has been ripped away from me because Lewis is certainly no brother of mine,’ she added.

Kelly called her daughter during the row and asked her to call the police, with Jordan saying that she could hear her brother ‘shouting and screaming’ down the line. She said that she did not call the police as she thought that it was only ‘one of their regular fights’.

Lewis went on to beat his mother to death after the phone call ended. Her body was discovered two days later by her daughter’s partner. Lewis was arrested.

In a post-mortem investigation, Kelly was found to have suffered internal bleeding and 41 rib fractures, with mirror glass and clumps of hair found around her body.

Newport Crown Court, where the trial opened in October 2023, heard that she had been subjected to years of domestic abuse by her son.

Lewis had been on bail for assaulting Kelly in February. Under the conditions of his bail he was banned from contacting her.   

Lewis initially denied murdering his mother, but later changed his plea to guilty. He was jailed for life on November 10. He will serve a minimum term of 16 years.

Police bodycam footage captured the chilling moment Bush was filmed laughing after being told his mother was dead and feigning shock. 

While being handcuffed, he is heard saying: ‘Murder? Are you joking me? What? My mum is dead? Serious? You are joking me? My mum’s gone?’

Bush can also be heard on camera telling police he is worried they are going to assault him while showing no emotion about his mother’s death.

He said: ‘You won’t harm me or nothing will you? It seems like you’re all going to fill me in.’

His sister said: ‘The guilt of not calling 999 will haunt me forever. Little did I know that it was the last time I’d speak to her.’

‘Lewis and mum always had a complicated relationship but she never stopped loving him. ‘I guess that was her downfall – she cared too much for someone who didn’t deserve it.

She said that it felt like ‘my heart had been ripped out’ when her partner found Kelly dead.

Jordan says her relationship with Lewis was ‘close when growing up’ but became ‘strained’ as they both got older.

After losing their sister, Lauren Bush, 24, in April 2021, Lewis’ behaviour towards his mum worsened.

‘It’s always just been the three of us and mum,’ Jordan said.

‘Even though he was my older brother, I’d put him in line when he’d lash out at mum.

‘He’d listen to me but he’d, of course, carry on abusing her.

‘I’d plead for mum to kick him out for good because of how horrible he was but she never would because he was

her son.

‘I tried to keep an eye on him because I knew what he was like.’

On the day of the attack, May 10, 2023, Jordan describes her conversations with her mum as ‘normal’.

Lewis Bush was sentenced to life in prison by Newport Crown Court, with a minimum term of 16 years in jail

Ms Pitt was found on a blood-soaked bed, covered in a duvet, and was declared dead at the scene

At 9pm, Jordan received a distress call from Kelly during a heated argument between her and Lewis – during which she asked her daughter to ‘call the police’.

Jordan said: ‘I could hear Lewis having a go at mum for not making him a bacon sandwich, he was really worked up.

‘I could hear mum angrily shouting back why should she when he never pays rent, but I could tell she was terrified and in bits.

‘I didn’t call 999 because I thought it was one of their usual arguments and would be sorted in the morning.

‘But when I texted mum and she didn’t reply, it sent alarm bells ringing.’

Jordan continued to try to make contact with Kelly, even speaking to Lewis the next morning, who told her their mum was ‘ill and in bed’.

By May 12, with no word from Kelly, Jordan’s partner, Kieran, went to her apartment while Jordan stayed at home to look after their two-month-old daughter.

‘I made sure Kieran was on the phone with me whilst at my mum’s,’ she said.

‘As soon as he stepped foot in the flat his voice dropped.

‘He found mum on her bed, covered in blood.

‘He kept telling me that she was dead but I couldn’t take it in.’

Kieran called for help from a neighbour who called the police.

During sentencing, Judge Daniel Williams said: ‘Over the years, the court has heard, you subjected your poor mother to a great deal of violence.’

Devastated Jordan said: ‘I went to every single court hearing and not once did I see a glimpse of remorse on his miserable face.

‘The harrowing footage of him smirking when getting arrested makes me sick to my stomach.

‘I’ll regret not ringing the police that awful evening, but Lewis’ outbursts were the norm.

‘She was loved by all that knew her and adored her granddaughter who she’ll never see grow up.

‘This Christmas will be hard and all the milestones that proceed – while tears dry, I’ll never stop mourning my mum.

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