Moment monkey ‘puts staff out of a job’ as it starts typing away at computer

A monkey was spotted inside the West Bengal Railway Station Enquiry Office at Bolpur railway station, India.

The primate, identified as a Grey langur, appeared surprisingly at ease as it explored the office environment.

The monkey was observed sitting at a computer, attempting to operate the keyboard and inspecting the documents on the desk.

Onlookers were intrigued by the langur’s behaviour, which seemed to mimic human actions.

The monkey’s calm demeanour and focused exploration garnered attention, highlighting the adaptability and intelligence of wildlife in urban settings.

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The incident, captured in a viral video, has sparked discussions about the coexistence of humans and wildlife in shared spaces, online.

“The monkey has been found here most of the time of the day. This might be the reason she had learnt how to type while watching the workers at the station,” a worker said.

The man outside the window was left dumbstruck on seeing how seriously the monkey was fiddling with the computer.

One of the onlookers who is perplexed and amused can be heard saying: “Bolpur enquiry specialist is performing its duty.”

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However, another terrified staff member asked his colleagues: “What if this langur slaps me? How will I get rid of the monkey?”

“Be careful, it is Indian Railways that can make work even from Langur,” Birjesh Singh said after watching the dramatic video.

“Newly-recruited station master,” B Mampi Das added.

Grey langurs, also referred to as ‘Hanuman’ langurs or Hanuman monkeys, are native to the Indian subcontinent.

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