Multiple people are injured when elite Russian soldiers 'gun' audience

Multiple people are injured when elite Russian soldiers ‘machine-gun’ audience packed with children using blank-firing weapons, causing mass panic during demonstration

  • National Guard soldiers aim fire at the crowd in Elektrostal, a Moscow suburb
  • A four-year-old boy and 54-year-old woman were taken to hospital with injuries

This is the moment members of Putin’s internal security forces open fire at a crowd as children scream in fear and a four-year-old boy sent to hospital with a head injury.

The horrifying footage shows a group of National Guard soldiers put on a slick demonstration performance before aiming their firearms at spectators and shooting blank cartridges.

Young children in the crowd can be seen shielding their faces and covering their ears as the loud bangs explode from the ‘elite’ RosGvardia guns at the event in the city of Elektrostal, a suburb 45 miles east of Moscow.

A woman’s voice says: What’s [wrong] with you? Did something hit you?’

The woman continues: ‘Come here… Did something hit you? Calm down, calm down.’

She then realises a child has been hurt, exclaiming: ‘****ing hell! ****! Come here faster! Where is the doctor?’

Members of Putin’s internal security forces are shown opening fire at a crowd. Despite shooting blanks spectators appear fearful, and one child was taken to hospital with a head injury

The boy was reportedly injured after being hit by a projectile from one of the weapons. 

He was taken to hospital along with a 54-year-old woman who reportedly sustained a ‘serious facial injury’. She required surgery and cannot eat or speak, reported Moskovsky Komsomolets.

‘She had two teeth knocked out, her cheek was damaged, and the patient had to undergo emergency surgery.

‘Now the woman’s life is out of danger, but temporarily she cannot eat or even talk.’

One local account on VK social media said: ‘During demonstration performances, the elite units decided to play ‘a little joke’ and began to shoot the audience, including children sitting on the podium, with blank cartridges.

‘The children were very scared. They clutched their heads screaming, fell to the ground, crawled under the benches.

‘One boy received head injuries from a bounced cartridge case.’

The VChK-OGPU Telegram channel published the video this weekend showing the incident.

‘During demonstration performances, the fighters of the Russian Guard decided…to shoot spectators with children (fortunately, with blank cartridges). Small children screamed clutching their heads and fell to the ground. 

Before the mock execution the crowd appear engaged and excited to watch soldiers perform acrobatic style moves

‘There were injuries. Serious damage from a bounced cartridge case,’ the channel said, according to Newsweek.

Before the ‘mock execution’, the crowd appear engaged and excited to watch soldiers perform acrobatic style moves including a pyramid stunt while others light flares depicting the Russian flag. 

But the sports competition event quickly turns sour when a pack of soldiers crouch down and appear to take aim directly at the unsuspecting crowd.

‘Before the start of the competition the servicemen organised demonstration performances – [with] elements of hand-to-hand combat, and breaking bricks.

‘Kalashnikov rifles were also used, which were loaded with blank cartridges.…

‘One group of Guardsmen was chasing another group, which was shooting back.

‘This is when the tragic ricochet occurred, although it is not yet completely clear how this could have happened. The blank cartridges flew off into the stands.’

At least one federal newspaper has withdrawn its report on the fiasco suggesting an official bid to cover up the humiliating blunder by Putin’s elite forces.

The national guard is headed by close Putin crony General Viktor Zolotov, 69. He is an army general who was once Putin’s leading bodyguard. He is seen as perhaps Putin’s most loyal henchman.

An investigation has since been launched into the incident by Russia’s Investigative Committee. 

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