Putin’s forced rattled as Ukraine vows to continue counteroffensive into winter

Ukraine destroy a Russian boat using a kamikaze quadcopter

Ukraine has vowed to continue its relentless military counteroffensive throughout winter.

Leading Ukrainian Commander General Oleksandr Tarnavskyy told CNN that the weather will not stop Kyiv’s plan to seize back land from Russian forces.

It had been expected that the counteroffensive would be paused during winter, similar to the break in the fighting seen last year.

However, General Tarnavskyy said the wintry weather would not have a serious negative impact on the counteroffensive because the troops are mainly advancing on foot, without equipment.

He said: “The weather can be a serious obstacle during an advance, but considering how we move forward, mostly without vehicles, I don’t think [the weather] will heavily influence the counteroffensive.”

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The leading commander continued: “Intense rains in the fall can make the ground in Ukraine soggy and make movement with heavy machinery, like tanks, more difficult, but Ukraine’s forces move in small groups, mostly on foot.”

He said that Ukraine was relying on “assault squads, groups of 10 to 15 men” to take on Russian forces, instead of large battalions.

Also in the interview, the general, who is leading Ukraine’s counteroffensive along the southern front line, confirmed that his forces had broken through in the town of Verbove.

Satellite maps from the US-based think tank Institute for the Studies of War (ISW) supported General Tarnavsky’s claims of a breakthrough.

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The ISW said that Ukrainian infantry is “slowly and systematically” fighting through Russian fighting positions between Robotyne and Verbove,

The thinktank added: “The ISW continues to assess that the Russian military does not have sufficient forces deployed to this sector of the front to completely man its defenses in depth and that Ukrainian forces should be able to operate through Russian field fortifications more rapidly if they are not properly manned.”

General Tarnavsky also predicted an even bigger breakthrough imminently, naming Tokmak, a strategic hub for Russia, as a major target.

Meanwhile, Ukraine launched another missile attack on Sevastopol on the occupied Crimean Peninsula on Saturday.

This comes a day after a devastating attack on the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet

Crimea, illegally annexed by Russia in 2014, has been a frequent target for Ukrainian forces since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

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