Shamed drinker who ‘did a runner’ sends apology 15 years later – quadruples bill

A very guilty person who fled a bar-restaurant without paying has finally settled their tab . . . 15 years later.

And the mystery drinker who “drank a few glasses of wine” with some friends at the Simposio Bar in Trento, Italy stumped up four times what they originally owed. The name of the wine-lover is not known, but they sent a letter to the establishment with £26 inside (in Euros) and a lengthy note apologising for “becoming thieves”.

In the letter, which bar manager Andrea Bosisio posted on social media – which inevitably went viral – the person explained what happened on the night they came in, and went on to detail how they haven't returned during that time because of guilty.

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They wrote: “One Saturday evening 15 years ago I came to your restaurant with some friends and drank a few glasses of wine. Out of fun, we left without paying. We have wronged you and us by becoming thieves. That's why I haven't set foot in your house since that day.

“Today I am here to apologise to you and try to make amends for what is owed. I enclose quadruple the cost of that chalice and add a few more euros for each person in that group of friends, as a balance and a small token to also repair their mistake.

"Now I will be able to return to your place with my head held high.”

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The mystery person's apology has been dubbed by the manager as “wonderful”, and has offered the person a welcome return should they choose to do so now the debt has been paid.

She said: “A person who apologises and sends money after 15 years. You are wonderful. It's not for the money, but obviously it's the gesture. In 18 years of work, this is one of the best days we've ever had. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We await you with open arms for a good glass and to thank you in person.”

Trento is actually a small part of the Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol ski-resort region of Italy, and is usually only popular during peak skiing season.

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