World’s worst serial killer ‘The Beast’ could be released despite killing 193

One of the world's most prolific serial killers nicknamed 'The Beast' could walk free from prison in months, despite killing 193 boys and young men.

Luis Alfredo Garavito, from Colombia, confessed to killing around 190 children, aged from 8 to 16 and received more than 50 long sentences.

Prosecutors said he sometimes dressed as a monk or beggar to lure children with money and soft drinks. The vile killer would then slit their throats, sometimes torturing and raping them.

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But Colombia limits prison sentences to 40 years and allows early release for good behaviour once half the sentence has been served.

And this year marks half of sick Garavito's sentence. Previous comments from authorities mean his release is a very real possibility.

It comes after the national prison institute asked a judge in May to grant Garavito release because of his "exemplary" behaviour in prison, the television program "Los Informantes" revealed in October 2021.

A judge denied the request because the then 64-year-old Garavito had not paid the fine for his victims of around $41,500 (£30,415), ABC News reports.

Garavito was arrested in April 1999 and charged with attempted rape, but Garavito horrifically admitted he was the killer of 114 children whose bodies were found in 59 Colombian towns since 1994.

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The killer then confessed to 26 more murders.

"I ask you to pardon me for all I have done, and all I will confess. Yes, I killed them – and many others," he said.

Garavito showed the judge his tally of killings that he kept inside a notebook, El Tiempo newspaper reported.

The killer had drawn 140 lines on the pages, one for each of his victims.

Later in prison, he confessed to another 50 other killings.

He reportedly told the judge that he was repeatedly raped by his two neighbours and beaten by his father growing up.

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