Meghan Markle Reveals What Prince Archie Wants For Christmas – But Says He's NOT Getting It!

Prince Archie isn’t going to have all his wishes come true this Christmas!

Last month following a screening of Netflix‘s The After, Meghan Markle sat down with the film’s star David Oyelowo and director Misan Harriman for a chat! The full Q&A, which was filmed in her and Prince Harry‘s California home finally premiered over the weekend, and in the midst of the interview the Duchess of Sussex revealed some fun facts about her 4-year-old!

According to the Suits alum, Archie is really taking an interest in photography thanks to Misan, who is a renowned photographer that’s done a lot of photoshoots with his parents:

“The inspiration runs deep. Our 4-year-old — 4-and-a-half-year-old son, he would say, ‘No, I’m not 4. I’m 4 and a half’ — Misan was showing him how to do photography the last time he was with us.”

The little guy was so inspired by his family’s photog friend that he wanted to give it a shot himself! Indulging in his dreams, Meg got him a camera — but what he said in response is HIGHlarious:

“I bought Archie a camera, and he said, ‘But it’s not a Leica like Misan.’”


Archie has good taste, at least! In case you weren’t aware, professional Leica cameras can go for THOUSANDS — his grandma the late Queen Elizabeth II used to carry one around all the time. But that’s a lot of money to put in a pair of toddler hands!

Not even Santa is going to be working his magic this year, though, according to the 42-year-old:

“I said, ‘You are not getting a Leica! Not even for Christmas.’ So thank you for the inspiration across the board.”

Sadly for the kiddo, he’s just going to have to wait to get a little older before he works up to his Leica! It’s awesome to see he’s being inspired and encouraged by the people around him, though. Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

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