Tim Gunn Shoots Down Rumors Heidi Klum Eats Only 900 Calories a Day

Tim Gunn is comin’ to his pal Heidi Klum‘s defense after rumors spread her daily intake is a paltry 900 calories … a number he says she easily hits just between meals!

We got Tim at LAX and we asked him if he could confirm or deny the Heidi’s calorie count reports, and he’s certainly doing the latter here.

He playfully says one of Heidi’s snack breaks would add up to the bogus total folks are claiming … and applauds the supermodel for keeping her incredible physique while eating normal portions.

For those unaware, Heidi responded Tuesday to the noise on Instagram, denying the 900 calorie allegation. It all started when she got candid online about her weight earlier this week, and she says that’s when folks really ran with the phony number.

She also told her followers she’s never had to count calories before — which is a pretty big flex, BTW … especially considering how great she looks at 50!!!

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