‘I’m a glamour model with a 40N chest – obsessed men stalk me and buy my bras’

A glamour model is a natural in front of the camera – but says being in the spotlight has had its drawbacks.

Karla James, 34, has a legion of fans who support her career.

But while the Yorkshire lass loves the work she does, she worries when followers get obsessive and "stalk" her.

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She told Daily Star in an exclusive chat: “I have had men wait outside of venues for over six hours just to meet me on my way out and I have had people track down my family details to send me personal gifts.

“The fact that people become obsessed with what they see online is quite scary.

“They cannot comprehend that modelling is my job and I am not that glamourous super confident girl 24/7.”

Karla doesn’t plan on leaving the industry any time soon – as she loves what she does and the money she makes from it.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

The Yorkshire lass has had to deal with obsessed stalkers over the years – and some of them only live down the road!

These people know her personally – and they're both men and women.

It’s not all bad of course, as Karla’s career has resulted in her having an incredibly open mind.

The raven-haired bombshell is often amused by the unique and unusual requests she receives from customers on her OnlyFans page though.

“Some men have some crazy kinks, I’m literally fazed by nothing anymore,” she said.

“I have men who join my page just to send me money for no reason at all. They ask me to drain their wallet. Personally, I think it’s great.

“I have men who like to ‘worship me’ and send me luxury gifts. I have men subscribed who live a secret life from their partners and enjoy buying my clothing and bras to dress up in. Hell, some of their makeup skills are better than mine!

“I converse with married couples who are both as equally obsessed with me and my huge boobs.

“They buy my bras so their girlfriend or wives can wear them and enjoy role-play while pretending she is me.”

Another aspect of the career that can be difficult is the fact that despite it being called glamour modelling, the job isn’t as glamorous as people might think.

“I have been forced out of bed at 4am, straight into hair and makeup and then had to stand out on a freezing cold beach in a skimpy bikini while the sun rises,” she said.

“And you would be really surprised how tiring modelling is! Bending, stretching, breathing in, hold it, hold it, hold it, don’t move, you get the gist.

“Big heavy hair, big lashes, blathered in fake tan and makeup. There is no better feeling than taking it all off after a shoot and soaking in a nice hot bath before collapsing in bed!”

She said other downfalls of being in the industry are demanding men, online abuse and trolling and trying to find clothes that fit.

Karla also doesn’t appreciate having her content leaked online.

“[I also dislike] people's judgements and opinions of me without knowing me personally or ever conversating with me,” she continued.

“Having to shoot and create content when you are not feeling it [is hard]. You can’t just switch on your sexy side if you are not in the mood.

“I also keep my circle small as you soon learn in this industry you can’t trust anyone. And finally… [I dislike] paying the tax man.”

While some days are hard, the job has provided Karla with a variety of perks.

It has allowed her to travel to beautiful parts of the world while meeting inspiring people along the way.

She added: “I will always be grateful for the experiences and the life I have managed to build and create throughout my career.

“I live a comfortable, happy life and the most fabulous part is the fact that I can work from anywhere in the world and I do not have to answer to anyone.”

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