Zara McDermott spills on joining forces with Princess Kate for ‘passion project’

Zara McDermott appeared alongside the Princess of Wales earlier this year as part of the royal’s Shaping Us campaign.

The project aims to highlight the importance of early years development and the Love Island star, 26, was among Princess Kate’s campaign ambassadors.

Reflecting on meeting the Princess and Prince William, the Strictly Come Dancing hopeful told “It was amazing, it was just an incredible experience.

“That campaign is also not just a campaign that has been and gone, it’s an ongoing, real passion project for the Princess that I’m sure will be going for a long time.

“There are some brilliant people working behind the scenes of that campaign and it was absolutely amazing. They are so lovely.”

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Zara has also made a name for herself presenting hard-hitting BBC documentaries including, Gaia: A Death on Dancing Ledge (2023), Disordered Eating (2022), Revenge Porn (2021) and Uncovering Rape Culture (2021), which earned her a National Television Award nomination.

Now, Zara and her boyfriend Sam Thompson are leading a new campaign that aims to help parents, teachers and young people dispel the stigma surrounding periods.

The duo, who have been in a relationship since 2019, have created three films with Always which focus on what to expect from periods in a bid to stop people feeling uncomfortable about them.

According to statistics from the brand, half of parents say talking about periods with their child makes them nervous and 47 percent of teachers admitted they would rather not give puberty education lessons.

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On fronting the campaign, Zara commented: “I remember being at school and kids can be really cruel sometimes, a lot of the boys would be sniggering in the back of the classroom if they saw one of the girls had a period pad in their bag.

“I remember that feeling of, ‘Oh gosh, I’m almost doing this alone’, and you want people to realise that they don’t need to feel alone when it comes to puberty and periods. Every single person will go through changes in their own way, and we just want to make that conversation as easy as possible.”

Made In Chelsea star Sam echoed: “This is something I didn’t expect to get the call up on if I’m honest with you. Then as we filmed the content, I completely understood why and I feel like there should be more guys involved in this subject.

“I was woefully uninformed about a lot of it. Didn’t have a clue really, and I’m 30 years old! I’ve got a sister who went through puberty, and I never asked her anything, I wasn’t aware of any of the stuff that she went through.

“I think it would have been cool at an early age to have it not as a taboo subject and to understand exactly what it is and how normal it is.”

Get period prepared with Always, Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson. Check out their new mini-content series on the Always Period Prepared Hub:

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