I asked for the on-trend layers…they left me with five long strands of hair and people say it looks criminal | The Sun

A MILLION dollars – that's what you're supposed to feel like after forking out for a haircut.

But unfortunately for Melissa Fritts, things didn't quite work out that way and she left the salon with a hairdo that people have described as ''criminal''.

According to the mum, believed to be from the USA, she had asked the whizz for the on-trend layers and the staff member even consulted with her before grabbing the scissors.

''I told her beforehand “I don’t like a straight across cut.” She says you want it going into more of a V shape? I said yes def!'' the parent recalled the conversation between the two.

However, despite the chat Melissa was lost for words when she saw the final result in the mirror – and so were the viewers on social media.

After the beauty fanatic shared the aftermath of the hair horror on her page, the clip went viral, winning her more than 1.3million views in just two days.

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''Why do I have 5 strands of long hair left,'' the mum was baffled in the caption.

Posing to the camera, Melissa shared the monstrosity – a deep V-style cut with the longest piece reaching her butt and the shortest layers sitting around her shoulder blades.

To make the look every more messy, the hairdresser had also added a few random layers throughout, leaving Melissa totally hair-rified.

As it turns out, the mum had had the hair cut at a budget beauty salon with a notoriously bad reputation – and the mum promised she's since learnt from her mistake.

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After going viral on the platform, Melissa revealed she might even get the authorities involved.

Thousands of people raced to comments in sheer horror, with many insisting the hairdresser should've warned the customer beforehand.


''Stylist here- they should have told you it wouldn’t look the same because of your density. It would look better if you cut the bottom part of the V,'' one pro said.

Another couldn't believe their eyes, writing: ''This is CRIMINAL! I’m so sorry.''

''That’s the difference from a $20 cut to a $85 dollar cut. I’m so sorry,'' a third chimed in.

''That same exact thing happened to me last year I was so mad/sad.. and I used to do hair for a living so it hurt even more,'' a fellow beauty lover shared their nightmare story.

Melissa is not the only one who's had terrible experience with the salon, as one wrote: ''Asked for an angled Bob and they cut out a square from the back of my head. My condolences.''

Speaking of all things hair, did you know there's a reason your locks never grow past a certain length? And according to one expert, Rachel Valentine, it's got nothing to do with your haircare.

Taking to TikTok, the pro, whose profile @rachelvalentinehair has amassed 84k followers, explained what's really going on with your hair.

''Every hair on our head is in its own growth cycle and within that cycle the hair will grow out of the head and then it will stop.

''It will eventually shed and then another hair will grow in its place.''

Rachel added in the video that this time period usually ranges anywhere from two to six years – and in some cases, it can even be up to ten years.

This, in turn, means that the longer your hair is in this growing period for, the longer it will grow – however, your genetics also play a huge role, she added.

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''But if someone's hair is in the growth stage for two years […], their hair is gonna get to a point after two years and then it's gonna shed.

''And then it will start the whole process again.''

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