Gordon Ramsay fans slam ‘least relatable story’ as he moans about sold Porsche

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    Gordon Ramsay fans have hit out at the TV chef for sharing the “least relatable story ever” as he recalled how he was forced to sell his Porsche to buy his first home.

    On Sunday (October 22), sports presenter Jake Humphrey welcomed the Kitchen Nightmares host onto his hugely popular show the High Performance podcast. During the hour-long episode, the chef talked about how he became one of the most famous chef’s in the UK and how that affected his private life.

    As he went from strength to strength, the 56-year-old revealed one of his biggest life lessons he learnt from his father-in-law when he asked to borrow £20,000 to put down a deposit on their first home. He recalled: “We were young, we were stupid and we were skint. I remember going to ask her father if I could borrow £20,000 for the deposit for a flat that we fell in love with.

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    “And I thought this was all going well, lunch was good, I’ll pay for lunch and I said, ‘Oh about that deposit, Tana and I, we’ve got half of it but we need the other twenty grand. I’ll pay you back in a year.’ “He said, ‘Okay, here’s what I'll do. I'll have another lunch with you when you sell your Porsche’.”

    Despite his wife’s father rejecting his offer to help them purchase their first property, Gordon claims he took a huge life lesson from their interaction which was to invest in his family and his future rather than splashing the cash on lavish cars.

    The dad-of-five went on: “I thought, ‘You f***er but you clever f***er’. Here I am driving around in a flash f***ing nine eleven and we didn’t even have a f***ing house, we didn’t have a flat, we didn’t have a roof over our heads.

    “It was the best advice he ever gave me, sell your f***ing Porsche. I did sell it and ten years later I went and bought it back, the same f***ing car.” However, fans were less than impressed with his admission as they flooded to the comments to share their disappointment online.

    One user penned: “Shows the character that you’d rather have a posh car and no house. Oooo look at me, I drive a Porsche but not got a house of my own.” Another echoed: “Imagine having a Porsche and then the cheek to ask your father-in-law for £20k [cry-laughing emoji].”

    A third joked: “Cost of living crisis solved everyone. Why didn’t we all think of selling out £70k sports cars? Silly of us all.” A fourth quipped: “Great advice for these bloody millennials moaning about property prices and the cost of living. Just need to stop eating Avocado on toast and sell their Porsche’s. It’s easy.”

    Meanwhile one fan chimed in with: “This is so relatable… If only I'd thought to sell my Porsche when we were trying to scrape together a deposit for our house [face-palm emoji].”

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    It is thought that his annual income is reported to be an impressive £90m, stemming not only from his captivating television appearances but also from the intricate web of his media and restaurant conglomerate.

    At the core of Ramsay’s success are multiple award-winning restaurants that span the globe. These establishments have garnered prestigious accolades and a devoted following and pave the way for the star’s massive culinary empire.

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