Kanye West has hit 'boomerang jackpot' with Bianca Censori but her mom dominates 'DIY Kardashian' family, says expert | The Sun

KANYE West and Bianca Censori's PDAs and matching style stunts have propelled them to become Hollywood's most talked-about couple.

But according to an expert, the appeal for the lovestruck rapper lies in his Aussie wife's all too familiar family set-up.

In January Kanye, 46, and Bianca had dinner in Beverley Hills and were photographed together for the first time.

The couple had reportedly married in secret, but little was known about Kanye's new love interest or her past.

Photos of the 28-year-old quickly began to circulate. The few offered a glimpse into Bianca's lifestyle back home.

Interestingly, the busty Melbourne native appeared to come from a glam, tight-knit family.

There was a lookalike sister Alyssia, a nurse, and then the sultry model, Angelina.

Bianca's mom, Alexandra, was married to her father, Leo.

After Kanye and Bianca married, one of her sisters even spoke out.

“It’s very exciting news for both my sister and the family, but we choose to have some privacy for the time being," Alyssia Censori said to The Herald Sun at the time.

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In an exclusive interview, body language expert Judi James told The U.S. Sun: "Since their reported marriage, Kanye's signals with Bianca show he has found his soulmate.

"We have been able to see Kanye with someone who shares his vision and perhaps his rumored plans for the White House.

"But behind the scenes, Bianca's female strong family set-up is the subliminal bonus for him.

"Supersize-ego Kanye has hit the boomerang jackpot with Bianca because of her family.

"Kanye has fallen back into the arms of a super-glam female family group.

"This resonates with his previous marriage setup and completes the DIY Kardashian look.

"Kanye is missing the Kardashian brand or the feeling of nesting down into a similar female-centric family group."

James said she believed any similarities between the Censoris and the Kardashians are key.

"This is Kanye's boomerang relationship with the clues in the photos," she claimed.

"The Censori women's group poses signal Kardashian-style closeness.

"They also hint at a strongly bonded set.

"Kanye has married into a strong maternal/sibling set-up again. It is what he did when he married Kim."

Kim Kardashian and Kanye divorced in November 2022 after a 13-year marriage.

While Bianca had been working for Kanye since 2020, the pair kept their relationship under wraps.

The former architectural student relocated from Melbourne to take up her designer role at Yeezy.

After leaving her mom and sisters and marrying West, Bianca confirmed her marital status on TikTok in May.

James continued: "Bianca has a beautiful mom back home in Australia.

"Alexandra's body language suggests she is in charge of her brood, likely no matter where they are living.

"This is just like Kris Jenner.

"There are the two stunning, preening, selfie-happy siblings like Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie.

"In the well-circulated family picture, Bianca’s mom stands at the front of the line like a mother bird, leading and protecting her chicks.

"She has her designer bag up in a barrier gesture.

"Her asymmetric smile and steady eye gaze create the impression of confidence and family dominance."

During a June trip to Tokyo, Bianca introduced Kanye to her family for the first time seven months after they married.

Images of Bianca's family were shared on Instagram by Angelina.

James speculated how Bianca has been influenced by her mom.

"Alexandra's body language with Bianca’s father suggests Bianca is replicating aspects of their relationship with Kanye, " she said.

"Her mom is striking a model pose like Bianca does as she walks with her husband.

"Her back is arched and her elbows in against her waist.

"The emphasis on the rounded butt and that hand of ownership stretched out to her husband.

"There is a very posed-looking hand, bent at the wrist and with fingers extended.

"It is a showy pose in the way Bianca tends to do with Kanye."

She continued: "In the other group photo, Bianca’s body language places her as the baby of this family.

"She is the most accessible, uncomplicated, and trusting.

"Bianca holds her mom’s pelvis to suggest a desire to both attach to and protect her mother."

Standing behind Bianca are her sisters, who James claimed worked the poses more emphatically.

"Alyssia sports a shoulder shrug, with her chin down and her eyes raised with a flirty-looking smile," she said.

"She seems to be the sister with the most meaningful eye expressions, creating the charisma of connection with the camera.

"Angelina’s poses are carefully constructed and doll-like.

"She seems to take her posing very seriously, with fewer smiles.

"Kanye appears to have been drawn towards the familiarity of this close-knit family unit.

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"Perhaps he is hoping to recreate his own Kardashian lifestyle.

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