Shopper race to grab Primark snuddie that will keep you warm without turning the heating on – it’s ideal for Disney fans | The Sun

SHOPPERS are scrambling to get down to their local Primark for a winter essential that'll keep you warm without turning the thermostat up.

Now the cold weather is well and truly here, Brits are looking for alternatives to keep warm in their homes while being mindful of their energy bill.

And it seems they've found the perfect buy to keep them snug this winter in Primark – and it's great for Disney fans.

The viral snuddie now comes in an adorable Monsters Inc print and it's reversable.

The £27 wearable blanket with hood is in the Disney of the witty Mike Wazowski on one side and the fan-favourite Sully on the other.

Primark took to social media to show off their latest design – which many people have claimed is keeping them toasty throughout the winter months.



Shoppers race to grab £5 buy to keeps kids warm without turning the heating up

Warm front

I found the perfect Primark item to warm up without turning the heating on

The website description reads:" It’s designed for those lazy days when your comfiest clothes just don’t cut it.

"Made with super-soft fleece fabric cut into an oversized silhouette with long cuffed sleeves and a large hood, our Snuddies are set to keep you warm and cosy as you nest in front of the TV or WFH (yes we know, we won’t tell).

"The best part? This wearable blanket is fixed with a kangaroo pocket to keep your belongings safe and your hands toasty as well!"

The clip has since gone viral after being posted on the account @primarkmetrod4 where it amassed 133k views and 7,300 likes.

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People couldn't wait to get their hands on the the latest drop.

One person wrote: "Omg omg that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for."

Another commented: "I want it now."

"Oh my god I want it," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "NEED THESE I want Sully."

"I want one,” claimed a fifth.

Plus, Primark's velvet leggings have made a comeback for just £7 to help keep you warm.

And one man has revealed how to make your hot water bottle stay warm for longer using tin foil to keep your bed toasty for longer.

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