Bethenny Frankel reveals her organized POUCH packing 'obsession'

RHONY star Bethenny Frankel shares her top tips for packing everything in a CARRY-ON – revealing how she uses an array of POUCHES to stay perfectly organized

  • Skinnygirl mogul Frankel, 53, showed how she organizes on vacation in a TikTok
  • The star carried over 10 pouches on her trip, and revealed what was inside in a v
  • Frankel, a former RHONY star, often shows her daily life on social media

Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel, 53, is getting real about how she actually packs and organizes for a vacation. 

The Skinnygirl CEO and founder has been taking to TikTok over the past handful of years to give her followers an inside look at her everyday life, as well as share various beauty tips, tricks and reviews.

This week, the star showed viewers how she stays organized while traveling. 

Her secret to keeping it all together? Pouches.

Frankel showed off how she packs and organizes for vacation in a new video posted to TikTok this week

The star often posts videos sharing her everyday life on her social media pages

‘Today we’re gonna talk about my pouch obsession and lifestyle,’ she explained in the video clip, which appears to be taken from a hotel room.

‘This is my jewelry pouch,’ Frankel said, as she held up a tiny, square red pouch from the brand Stoney Clover Lane, complete with a bedazzled ‘B’ patch emblazoned on its front. 

‘I specifically chose this one because I need everything to be small because I’m [a] carry-on [person].’

She revealed that inside the jewelry pouch were even smaller, patterned pouches, where she put her watch and different accessories for her various outfits on the trip.

Next up, she took out two reusable plastic zip-top bags, where she had organized her hair extensions for the weekend.

Frankel even took her organizing to the next level by adding labels from a label maker onto the front of the reusable bags.

The third pouch, which was larger and emblazoned with the words ‘Trouble Maker,’  is where she keeps all of her makeup.

The Naturally Thin author then pulled out a square, black vanity case with a clear top from her arsenal, which featured the same bedazzled initial patches from Stoney Clover Lane.

Frankel first pulled out a small pouch that she keeps her jewelry in, revealing smaller pouches inside 

The former RHONY star revealed that she keeps her hair extensions in reusable plastic bags, and her makeup in another 

Frankel also shared where she keeps her tech accessories, and why she packs the smallest iPad possible 

‘So, on the plane, I get the littlest iPad possible, and then I take the Bose headphones out of that bulky case that they come in, and put them in their own little pouch,’ the star explained, showing viewers an iPad mini along with the headphones in a clear case.

Frankel explained that this keeps all of her technology organized and together.  

‘This is like for your viewing pleasure, so it’s all together, and all the chargers are together in here,’ the former talk show host said. 

Next was what the BStrong founder called her ‘life pouch,’ with items stored in a small vanity case from designer Louis Vuitton.

‘Here’s my, like, life pouch,’ she said as she unzipped it, giving viewers a glimpse at what was inside.

‘Just normal, everyday life pouch, compression.’

Along with the ‘life pouch,’ Frankel showed off another clear bag, where she kept some more chargers and a special portable light she uses to make her videos on social media. 

Then, things began to take a turn as the former reality star revealed that she packs all of her clothing in packing cubes, organizing them by what she’ll be wearing on each day she’ll be on the trip.

Frankel has delved into sharing her beauty and makeup tips on her TikTok page over the past couple of years

The mogul explained that she packs all of her clothing categorized by day in packing cubes

Pretty pouches! What Bethenny packs in her bags

  • Makeup
  • Chargers and iPad mini
  • Clothes for each day of the trip  
  • Shoes for each day of the trip
  • Purses
  • Accessories
  • Hair extensions
  • Tech accessories
  • Items for everyday life 

‘By day, my clothes are by day,’ she said, pulling out black packing cube pouches.

‘So like, this is what I’m going to wear on the plane home,’ Frankel said, showing viewers all of the different bags. ‘This is my outfit for tomorrow.’

‘But wait, there’s more!’ the star exclaimed as she brought out two navy blue shoe pouches that read, ‘Shoes’ on them in big, bold white letters.

However, she explained that the only reason those particular shoes were in the navy bags and not ones that correspond with their brand was because she admits she ‘might have lost’ the bags they came in.

‘The only reason that those bags say shoes and not the brand is because we might have lost these pouches.’

‘But I’m not going to put, like, a Chanel pouch on whoever makes these shoes,’ Frankel said, as she gestured to the pair of sky-high heels she was wearing.

She added, ‘That’s, like, blasphemy.’

Frankel also showed how she stores her purses, telling viewers that the bag she happened to be carrying from designer Dolce & Gabbana came with an equally-as-cute, floral drawstring pouch.

Even her shoes had their own separate pouches 

In the video, Frankel even offered her own ‘pro tip,’ which was that packing in pouches can help to save your purse or bag

In the comments section of Frankel’s video, many users also admitted that they loved to pack in pouches

‘The bag must go in the pouch of the designer that made the bag, and Dolce has made it so easy for us, because look how gorgeous the pouch is,’ Frankel insisted. 

In total, Frankel carried over ten pouches with her on this vacation.

At the end of the clip, she even offered up what she called a ‘pro tip,’ explaining that these pouches can ‘help protect your purse or bag.’

‘How many times have you f–ed up your purse with a pen or a lip gloss or a lip liner that opens up?’ she asked. 

‘Not gonna happen on my watch.’

In the comments section of her TikTok video, many users also admitted to using pouches when they travel, and loved her relatability.

‘Love me a good pouch…or twenty!’ one person wrote. ‘I just can’t help it! They are cute, convenient and make total sense! And there are rules that go with the pouches!’

Another agreed, ‘I have a pouch for everything! I’m very organized & it serves me well. This is just how my brain works. It’s a personality thing. I see you Bethenny!

‘I’m a pouch girl and I love this- you can do an hour worth of pouches and I would watch- love the zip sound- satisfying,’ someone else typed.

Others claimed that they had learned something from the star, and wanted her to make more videos about organization. 

‘Damn. I learn so much from you. Pouch per outfit. Brilliant. Keep it coming!’ one TikTok user wrote.

Someone else chimed in, ‘Oh my gosh please do more of these. Your organization and packing games are TIGHT!’

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