Tattoo artist shows off the new 'freckles' she's given to a client – but people reckon they look like strawberry seeds | The Sun

AN INK pro has been brutally slammed online after people insisted her tattoo freckles looked more like strawberry seeds.

If you follow all things hair and beauty you will know that faux freckles have become all the rage over the recent months – and here to help you achieve the look is tattoo whizz Domi.

The young woman, from Warsaw, Poland, is an expert specialising in tattooing ''natural-looking'' freckles, often sharing the before and after snaps on her TikTok page.

However, one such video has gone viral for all the wrong reasons, as people on social media reckoned the final results were anything but natural.

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 3million times, Domi could be seen going over the client's face with the tattoo gun, as she jotted small dots all across her cheeks and forehead.

The majority of the even 'freckles' had been placed on her nose, as well as the cheek area, although there were also a few around the client's lips and below the hairline.

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Seemingly all chuffed with the makeover, the person posed to the camera, as she showed off her red skin and new mini tatts.

However, the reaction on TikTok was pretty brutal, as horrified viewers raced to comments to share their thoughts.

''Too symmetrical,'' wrote one person.

Another thought Domi had gone overboard with the 'freckles', writing: ''A few would work but this Batman’s mask!!!''

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''It’s like strawberry,'' someone else chimed in.

A fourth, meanwhile, said that the inking looked more like post-acne scarring.


Unfortunately, Domi is not the first ink whizz to leave people mortified with tattoo freckles – Daisy Lovesick, from Australia, also knows a thing or two about cruel remarks.

Earlier this year, the Aussie took the internet by storm after revealing the RAINBOW dots she had inked on a client – but people instantly slammed the work, saying it resembled a confetti cupcake.

According to the artist, the client, Kat, had recently had her face and collarbones covered in ''natural-looking'' freckles – but although these were adorable, she wanted to spice up the look with a colour rainbow effect.

To achieve this, Daisy used ink pots in various tones, including blue, light orange, pink and turquoise.

''We didn't add too many coloured freckles to the neck and collarbone area, we've really concentrated them across the nose and over the cheeks,'' said Daisy who loved the final outcome.

However, viewers on the platform weren't so sure about the tattoo makeover, with one saying: ''She gonna regret that.''

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''Is she prepared for all the "You've got something on your face" comments?'' someone else penned.

''Blows my mind as someone that got beatings for having freckles al over people tatoo them now [sic],'' a third was baffled.

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