Woman reveals the really important reason why you need to get rid of the extra ice in your freezer | The Sun

A SAVVY saver has shared the important reason why you need to get rid of all the extra ice in your freezer. 

It turns out all that extra ice could be costing you a fortune in energy bills.

The TikToker, called Gittermary, revealed she checks her freezer regularly for ice build up to save on energy. 

She said in a TikTok video online: “Did you know that the ice in your freezer has a pretty big impact?”

“Just two millilitres of ice increases your energy use by 20%”

This is because ice acts as an insulator which makes your freezer work harder, so it'll cost more to run.

When Gittemary checked her freezer she has a lot of ice build up 

“I definitely had more than two millilitres of ice build up in there.”

The savvy saver had to melt the ice to so that it would make it easier to remove.

She said: “To fix that I boiled a pot of water and stuck it in the freezer for 10 minutes before I started scraping away.”

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“This was so satisfying – Look at this ice removal. That's the money… Literally.”

She added: “Imagine how much money and resources this represents. The extra power required to keep this ice cold.”


“I definitely won't let it get this bad ever again. Keeping your freezer tidy is both way cheaper and way more sustainable.”

Gittermary’s video went viral with over 1.3million views online. 

One user said: “Why didn't I think of putting boiling water there instead of turning off the whole fridge until it melts off?”

Another said: “Hairdryer helps to clean the ice much faster.”

A third viewer advised: “Remember to check the seal on your freeze too. If moisture is getting in that’s how your ice builds up.”

“There are more ice than food in mine,” said a fourth viewer

Someone else advised: “Do it in the winter so you can put the food outside.”

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