‘I’m a stripper who puts on saucy cam shows – sexy jobs aren’t just for women’

A stripper and cam model revealed what it's like working in the saucy industry – as a bloke.

Stark, 39, isn't your regular lingerie-clad webcam poser.

Alongside his Dreamboys gig, the ripped Brit gets his kit off for paying customers online.

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Despite dabbling in filmmaking and acting since he was a teen, Stark took the plunge into world of sex around a year ago.

He signed himself up for saucy subscription platforms and has even found his niche as a cam boy.

Being a photographer too, Stark knows how to work the camera from behind and in front of the lens.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star about being a male stripper and webcam model, Stark explained: "I’m a stripper but I do quite a lot of behind the scenes bits as well.

"So I’ll put the cameras up when I’m getting ready.

"Not that it takes a long time for a stripper to get ready, but I’ll show myself doing it.

"Then the clothes come off.

"There’s that side of it, the behind the scenes stuff and fun things.

"I also do some collaboration as well, so I work with girls and work together to create some cool stuff.

"My background is filmmaking so I’m bringing that to the mix.

"But, I also do quite a lot of camming as well."

Stark decided to further immerse himself into the adult performing world after doing some research into cam modelling.

The live streaming service is often associated with female workers and male customers – but the hunk realised that was a perfect gap in the market for him.

Not only because he's a bloke, but because he's a shredded British lad.

"So I do live interactive chatting with people and that kind of stuff," he explained.

"I quite enjoy that.

“I spent ages researching into platforms where guys go to, where there’s a footfall for guys as in people who watch guys.

“There’s so much out there for girls but there’s not much out there for guys.

“But I do quite well on there because I’m the only British guy on there who looks the way I do."

Stark has attempted to break into the acting world for some time – and his eyes are set on a fully-professional gig.

He never thought that his career as an actor would take such an extreme turn into the world of camming and kink.

Although he thinks that the naughtier jobs could "screw" his chances of the silver screen, the sexy bloke enjoys being part of the stripping and cam world.

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He believes that the stigma around sex work has lessened and is familiar with many who have followed the same path as him.

“I never in a million years thought that I’d be doing adult ‘stuff’," Stark candidly admitted.

"But I decided, you know what, let’s do it.

“It probably will completely screw my professional acting career but I don’t care anymore, it’s fun.

“I do photography as well and speak to so many girls and they’re so worried about it.

"But, I say so many people do it now.

“There’s single mums doing it to boost their income stream and all of that kinda stuff.

"There’s all sorts of people in the sex industry."

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