‘Lucy Letby tried to kill our daughter – she stood over her with a blank face’

The parents of a girl who nearly died shortly after she was born believe she was one of serial baby killer nurse Lucy Letby's first victims, after the mum saw the monster hovering over her daughter's cot.

Victoria and Mike Whitfield's daughter Felicity suffered catastrophic lung collapse three days after being born prematurely at The Countess of Chester Hospital in November 2013.

Letby, 33, was this week convicted of murdering seven babies and attempting to kill six more, replacing Myra Hindley and Ian Brady as Britain's most prolific-ever child killer.

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Victoria said she saw a blonde woman – who she believes was Letby – standing over her baby's cot before "all hell broke loose" and the child needed urgent care.

A chaplain was called for Felicity – who recovered and is now nine – to carry out an emergency baptism before she was miraculously revived at a second hospital.

Victoria told Good Morning Britain: "When we saw her picture come on the screen I felt sick to the stomach and called Mike and said 'she was the one who was over the cot that night''."

The mother also recalled the morning, 3am on November 20, 2013, when she encountered the child killer.

She said: "It was around 3am when I had a mother's instinct to go and see her. She was doing fine in the days before and breathing well for herself.

"She was doing so well that a nurse – who I believe was Lucy Letby – told Mike to go home because he was looking so tired.

"I went to the ward and as I was walking towards the cot saw Lucy standing over it. She looked up at me then walked away.

"Then I walked towards the cot and within what seemed like seconds – although it could have been longer – all the beepers started going off and all hell broke loose."

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She continued: "I've got this constant and permanent image in my head of when she was standing over the cot. There was no smile when she looked up – her face was just blank, then she walked off.

"Then for everything to go crazy is something I can't get out of my head.

"When I saw her image on the TV it was that exact same stare. It made me sick to think it could have been her that did something."

Medical notes reportedly confirm Letby had taken care of Felicity before she was transferred from The Countess of Chester.

The baby was taken to Arrowe Park Hospital and was saved before being transferred back to The Countess of Chester for recovery and now she's a happy nine-year-old.

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